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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="510" caption="There's nothing there. I don't get the censorship."][/caption] Girls with guns. School girls in short skirts. Bras. These elements in an anime that give me pause, that make me fearful of trying a new series. I am

Maybe I'm an old man, but the CG modeling in this trailer doesn't totally agree with me, and I miss the soundtrack from the original anime! *SIGH*

Don't expect to get too much out of this  trailer, other than an awesome look at how detailed Los Santos (Rockstar's Los Angeles) is. the protagonist is not seen much, but is heard throughout the trailer describing how his dreams have differed wildly from his reality. Some have suspected that it's GTA Vice City's Tommy Vercetti come to fictional Cali, but that's pretty much been debunked.

Enough of that, though. Here's the trailer


Fresh Monday, a fresh episode of the ESH Podcast. This week's show is all games just like last week's... the only difference is that this week's show...

Is Full of Clips!

Massively multiplayer online guru Blizzard has another expansion coming out for World of Warcraft. While the main new feature of the game, the new Pandaren race and continent, looks pretty fresh and exciting, I’m here today to talk about a different part of this package. Blizzard is certainly not shy about including homage here and there to other games, the new pet battle system takes it to the next level. Being a big fan of the Pokémon franchise, and always hoped for an online version of the series, they’ve certainly gotten my attention.

It is the day after Sunday and you know what that means! It is new ESH episode day. This week we are all games-- not gadgets, and it is all good in the hood.

Whenever the big video games as art debate is brought up, there are a number games that are mentioned. Now, in one convenient package, you can pick up both of the titles that are always mentioned. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection combines these two PS2 classics, both of which are among my personal favorites, and upscales them to your HD television. Did Team Ico do an admirable job of bringing these iconic titles to high definition, or are they a simple port of the games you played last generation?

OH HAI Tuesday! Time for a new episode of the ESH podcast. This week's episode is chock full of games and gadgets.

Want to guess which games?