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Well, Deepak Chopra has decided to get in on the video game market by creating a game that promotes not only activity, but meditation as well. This is the first trailer.

ESH Podcast time once again, and this week's episode is the perfect balance of anime and video games.

NinJa starts it off with a question about retro versus current gaming, and the answers the ladies come up with just might surprise you...

Metro 2033 was one of last year's scariest first-person shooters out there, but 4A Games and THQ are looking to up the ante with the sequel Metro: Last Light. At E3 I had the chance to view a video demonstration of the first few minutes of the game. When I left the subway-styled booth I was blown away by what I had seen.

Here we are again, in the middle of the summer, with a bit of a release drought.  While this simply means that there is an impending monsoon of game releases starting in September, what are we to do with our gaming time while we wait?  Hit the jump and I’ll share some of the tricks I use to get by during these sparse times.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="512" caption="We're walkin'"][/caption]     Here are your codes APL56-M1Y-16CA RLJ26-T3T-47TZ Beta codes are no doubt all over the place for the side-scrolling action MMO Rusty Hearts, but if they run out, the Land of ESH has you covered!  Just two codes, one

This happens a lot in this anime series

It's time once again for a new episode of the ESH Podcast. This week the ladies share their experience with the anime series We Without Wings Under The Innocent Sky – which isn't all that innocent – and Panda once again shines a light on Atlus Game's recent release, Catherine.

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most imagined and re-imagined stories ever told.  Some are charming and others are deeply disturbing, but none have ever been as gritty and violent as American McGee’s Alice.  Since the story is often seen as an innocent tale of imagination, it was refreshing to see it from the viewpoint of insanity.  Eleven years later, a sequel comes out to refresh us once again.  Alice: Madness Returns is definitely the follow-up to its counterpart from 2000, but does it live up to what it did for the story and, possibly even more important, is it any fun?