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Japan's funniest cartoon about butlers is making his television return!

Normally, when you think of a scythe you think of death, of a skeletal figure clothed in black robes coming for you when your time is up. Momo is, well, almost none of those. She is a god of death, and

When I was growing up, I needed braces.  This was all well and good, but I still had a few loose baby teeth that needed to come out before I could go through with it.  Instead of having them pulled by the dentist, which I was vehemently not in favor of, my parents offered me an alternative.  For every tooth I managed to pull out myself, they got me one pack of Pokémon Cards.  I’m not ashamed to tell you, well maybe a little, that I pulled each of those teeth out myself and got some decent cards in those packs.  Thankfully, I don’t have to pull out any teeth to play the new free Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

No..it's for real this time! Bethesda, publishers of the Fallout franchise announced today in a press release that the Lonesome Road add-on pack as well as two additional DLC packs – Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal – will be available late September.

Last week, In one of the most stunning sports brawls to ever be recorded, the Georgetown Hoyas players from the Good Ol' US of A exhibited some "unsportsmanlike conduct" in what was supposed to be a friendly game between the

OH HAI young Dante

It's time again for a new episode of the ESH Podcast, and this week the ladies are all about video games! That's right, from Activision's forthcoming (though not soon enough for NinJa) Prototype 2 to Capcom's Devil May Cry prequel title and much, much more.

As a frequenter of the Playstation Network service, I’ve always wanted them to have a sale similar to Xbox’s Summer of Arcade.  Starting next week, that wish will come true as Playstation Network PLAY titles begin to go on sale.  Not only will there be a free game offered to any who download all four games in the lineup, but a multitude of other bonuses await.

Panda-baggin' FTW

Time for a new episode of the ESH podcast, and this one is a doosie! We've got gaming goodness galore as Panda, NinJa and special guest theDCD talk about, well, games.

Here are the facts: Black Dynamite is one of the greatest movies of our time; Black Dynamite once killed Chuck Norris and brought him back to life, just to make a point; Black Dynamite once stood toe-to-toe with The Man, with The Man backing away for fear of his own well-being. After watching the pilot we might have to add one more fact: Black Dynamite might be the best movie-based cartoon since The Real Ghostbusters.

While eagerly awaiting Star Fox 64 3D on my 3DS, having thoroughly beaten Ocarina of Time 3D, I’ve gotten the chance to dig a bit more into the virtual console on the system.  Believe it or not, the very first gaming console, portable or otherwise, that I ever owned was Nintendo’s own Game Boy.  The classics are slipping in and the opportunity to play these beloved portable games is one I would advise you not to miss.