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Episode 276: Things That Whrrrr and Bzzzz and Brrrr

For once I think Navi has a point...Oh and before I forget Watch Out!

It's that special time of the week where the sistahs come together and share their most treasured thoughts with the interwebs.

pffffft...I couldn't even keep a straight face as I typed that. So with that here comes the pipping hot fresh episode of the ESH.

This week's episode finally puts us in 2012 with some of Ninja and Panda's thoughts on the ever-glorious CES.

But before we get to the good bits--and trust me I'm going to give it to you-- I want to share with you guys the hilarity that was all of the titles that were in the running for next top ESH title.

Honorable Mentions for this week's episode:

I Like the Idea of Physics, I Just Can't Do It

I Have a Red Flag Flapping in the Breeze In the Back of My Mind

I Don't Like How Much Power You Have

You Should Be Exposed For the Chicken-Eating Ho Lover You Are

Bohemians! Hippies! People From California!

There's No More Room In the Bag of Sound -- It's Full of Sound

It's Like Matching Bras and Panties

That Was Going To Be an Amazing Podcast Title, But You Stopped Yourself

It's Been Dead More Than Two Years and the Word "Vista" Still Causes Laughter

Can you guys tell who said what? (I can-but I'd be cheating)

Now without further interruptions, here is ESH Podcast Episode 276: Things That Whrrr and Bzzzz and Brrrr

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