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A Coupla Minutes With the Sistahs #438 In this excerpt from podcast episode 438, NinjaSistah and Pandalicious discuss the potential fate of the character Sully in the continuing Uncharted series. NinjaSistah: And then, really, the only other gaming thing that's on my

It warms my heart to see a video game so ripe with imaginative gameplay, great boss battles, and a beautiful nod to classic titles of yore. Tic Toc Games' Adventures of Pip, another love letter to past-gen games that was

When you are down and wearing a frown this is a place you can go. E-3!

The team over at Bethesda works hard at pleasing – or appeasing, I can't remember which – the gamer community. I have watched people spend days (and I do mean days) non-stop questing through The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

It's time to get hype folks. E3 2015 is just around the corner, and Bethesda helped fuel the hype train yesterday announcing a new Fallout game - Fallout 4 - and with a good looking trailer to boot!

In this week's episode the sisters do not talk about anime and games, but one game is missing. It is only referenced once, and by Pandalicious herself. What a pleasant change of pace. Can you guess what it is?

Since E3 last year Splatoon has been on my mind almost every day. Playing it at various conventions and trying out the Global Testfire demo, Nintendo's hat-toss into the third-person shooter ring felt right at around every corner. Now that the game is finally out, is the hype for Splatoon justified? Oh, is it ever!