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Comic books used to be as controversial as video games are today. If something was wrong with society in the early 1950s, comic books were to blame. There were generally two types of comic books to receive the blame:

Online retail giant Amazon announced yesterday that they will be offering a hefty discount on new video games for members of their Amazon Prime service. Slicing 20% off the top of any preorder or game that has seen a release

Ninjasistah and Pandalicious wanted to talk about more things. They wanted to talk about Activision buying Major League Gaming. They wanted to talk about anime. They wanted to talk about the upcoming billion-dollar Powerball drawing. They didn't. They got so wrapped

Will a console war on exclusivity be the Rise and Fall of Tomb Raider?

Before continuing with this, I want to give the customary warning: If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please don't continue reading this story. You either haven't seen it because you can't see it (people in China, for

It goes without saying that Minecraft: Story Mode has been the weakest series Telltale Games has delivered. We can't expect everything a developer churns out to be golden; hell, even Nintendo has had a stinker here and there. Nevertheless it

There's big news at the top of this week's ESH Cast. And it's something you're going to hear about for many weeks (years?) to come. We'll leave the big news for you to hear for yourself. We'll just say this