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Sorcerer Supreme Finally on Screen!

Finally!! At long last we finally see Doctor Strange in action! I'm beyond excited about everything in this trailer. We finally get a look at Tilda Swinton, a closer look at Mads Mikkelsen (who I still think is playing Dormammu), and an even better look at Rachel McAdams. Not a whole lot about the film is really revealed, but there's enough to tide us over for now. It really looks like the Doctor Strange backstory that fans already know and love.

Doctor Stephen Strange is one of the top neurosurgeons in the world, responsible for groundbreaking things. After a tragic accident - he loses the ability to use his most valuable asset. His hands. Scouring the world for a cure he squanders his long earned fortune and finally comes to Nepal. He soon meets the Ancient One and becomes a student, to eventually take on the role of Sorcerer Supreme.

Tilda Swinton looks awesome!! What's with the scar, though?

From the looks of the trailer, that's exactly what they're going with. The skeleton of the story doesn't look like it's changed at all. This is incredibly promising. With the insight into more of the characters it's starting to become a little easier to guess what's going on.

Tilda Swinton is perfect. Sure it's not the atypical Ancient One with the elaborate facial hair and the extravagant robes, but I'm personally a fan of the asexual omnipotence that Swinton brings to the character. I think her casting is a smart move here and that she's going to bring a lot of good hearty character development to this movie. From the lines we've heard, the script seems pretty solid so far too.

Is our gentleman to the right Rorkannu? Only time will tell....

We also see more of Mads Mikkelsen's role in this. I'm still leaning towards Dormammu at this point, but I'm seeing a third member of his group in this trailer. Maybe they're just followers of Dormammu? We won't know until more is revealed about the casting, but for now speculation is fun. Maybe our unknown gentleman is Rorkannu, another Faltine like Dormammu and Umar.

It was rumored that Mads Mikkelsen was also a student of the Ancient One in this movie, but from what I can tell is there are only 3 characters with this distinct eye pattern. Wouldn't Doctor Strange, and Baron Mordo have these markings too if it were just a feature of their fellow students? I think not. Some think it may be a redesign of the Mindless Ones. I personally would hate to see Mads Mikkelsen so under utilized when he's played such dynamic characters in the past. It's the casting alone that leads me to believe that Mikkelsen can only be Dormammu.

Rachel McAdams raises a lot of questions in this trailer too. Initially my guess what she was playing Clea, but we see her assisting in the ER when Stephen Strange is wheeled in. My only guess is possibly Linda Carter, one of the aliases of Night Nurse. This is super random if that's the case. Linda Carter made a very brief appearance in a Doctor Strange mini series "The Oath" at one point. If McAdams is playing Linda Carter, it couldn't be for much more than a plot device.

We just won't know until it's announced. Maybe it never will be, and we'll just have to wait until November. I don't know about you, but I need a Mists of Morpheus spell until then because I don't think I can wait that long. For now, you can watch the trailer above and share your thoughts on Facebook!

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