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New frESHlook | Awesomenauts, Flower Knight Girl and More

Games, games, more games and a comic in a brand new frESHlook featuring Ronimo Games Awesomnauts and more.

Remember that my ratings are only my initial impressions. They are subject to change once I've seen it.

Let's Make With the frESHlook


frESHlook - Awesomenauts

Ronimo Games goes back to the future with a new update to their extremely fun Awesomenauts game with a complete 16-bit treatment. The brought the resolution down, and the 8-bit soundtrack up for what looks like a lot of fun.

frESHlook rating (4/5)

Flower Knight Girl

frESHlook - Flower Knight Girl

I'm all for girl power, but Flower Knight Girl takes it to a new level. The game recently launched on Nutaku's site, and if the screens are to be believed you and your gal-pal crusaders are going to save realm in the most adorable looking way possible. Sure, the red-head character looks cute, but the game looks like the type of turn-based title that grinds my gears by making me grind all the damn time to boost my stats. Check out the screens here.

frESHlook rating (2.5/5)

Atelier Sophie

frESHlook - Atelier Sophie

Some excrutiatingly sweet-looking screenshots from the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita versions ofAtelier Sophie. Why do all the JRPGs have to look so good, but be turned based? I love the look of these characters - which makes me want to play the game - but as soon as I start the play the game, the turned based mechanics will make me rage quit. Which is a dang shame, because the screens look great.

frESHlook rating (3.5/5)

Action Comics #51

frESHlook - Action Comics

Superman's dying, but you can't tell by just looking at the gorgeous cover of Action Comics #51. Just look at it.

frESHlook rating (4.5/5)

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