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PS4 and PS3 players with Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be receiving some free DLC content with the exclusive Droids Character Pack on June 28.

Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S. Some series have been wrapping up this week.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the newest installment in Ubisoft's Ghost Recon series and is a third-person military shooter set in an open world setting that can be played entirely in single player or four player co-op.   The game is set in the

The prospect of a game in the same vein as Dark Souls set in feudal Japan is something fans of the series have been clamoring for from the beginning. Nioh appears to be the answer the folks over at Koei

Detective stories have drawn me in for me entire life. There's nothing quite like seeing a case through from beginning to end and some are bite-sized enough to get through in a single sitting. In an ever-increasing pantheon of amazing

Before there was Farming Simulator, the only place you could make a game out of growing crops and living the rural life was in Harvest Moon. Although the original game series has gone to a different publisher, Natsume has kept

Natsume has a huge goal for 2016: to bring a once-lost franchise back to the gaming public. River City Ransom has been called a classic NES title by just about everyone under the sun, so it comes as a surprise

Entering fresh into a well-established franchise can be a pretty intimidating prospect. Warhammer 40,000 has a storied history in numerous media types including tabletop, video games and even a movie. Thus, coming in blind would be kind of like going

Kill Strain, currently in Limited Access, will be released as a free-to-play game for PS4 on July 19. PlayStation Plus members will get access to the game a week earlier.

ASTRO has become synonymous with gaming, be it the most casual of gamers looking for a comfortable pair of headphones to play in peace or the most hardcore MLG combatant in need of quality sound to chat with his fellow