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Catching up on anime

Catching up on anime

Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S.

Ace Attorney Episode 11

Anime News Network said, "You'd think that an episode with such an entertainingly absurd plot point as a parrot being put on the witness stand would be a lot more rewarding. But between two fantastic cliffhangers — one that concludes at the beginning, and one that sets us up for the pivotal twelfth episode — there's a lot of confusing, nonsensical fluff that cushions the usual resonance of Phoenix's deductions and Von Karma's ire. Come on, Ace Attorney. With such great music, characters and story, you don't have to try very hard. Just a little harder than this." Read more.

Bakuon!! Episode 11

Fandom Post said, "We get a look at the human-powered side of things as bicycles get some headlining time near the start. That passes quickly onto a strange illness that overtakes Onsa and finally a battle by the girls to determine what bike Chisame should get, now that she has her license. It’s the usual mixture of information and goofiness from Bakuon!! Now that all the girls have their bikes, they’re ready." Read more.

Big Order Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "Eiji getting stabbed by Sena is supposed to be The Big Cliffhanger that leads us into the final episode, but at this point it's almost impossible to build up any tension for these characters. Every cliffhanger so far has ended in some form of anticlimax. Wherever these two siblings end up, I don't see how it can possibly make up for all the mistakes Big Order has made to get them there. There's only one more episode to go, and at this point, the show can't be finished soon enough." Read more.

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "We're deep into the major plot developments now, both Atsushi and Dazai caught up in Port Mafia matters and the rest of the Armed Detective Agency required to get involved by extension. It's good to see the series feel like it has more of a solid path than it has for much of its run, even if the events that play out aren't terribly exciting in the grand scheme of serial anime storytelling." Read more.

Concrete Revolutio Episode 23

Anime News Network said, "I hope it doesn't drop discussion of its bigger ideas completely, though, because even when they're a little half-baked, that's still the most interesting thing about this show. Concrete Revolutio has a lot to say, and I'm glad that this second half has figured out better how to say it." Read more.

Crane Game Girls Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "Crane Game Girls are getting closer to their big mission to save the world so that they can continue to live and be idols. Their training takes a mildly different turn this time around without Saya here but the core is the same in that they have to master the latest move all while not destroying the bonds of friendship. Simple but effective and in the end the right kind of silly that this show has managed to work from the get go." Read more.

Flying Witch Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "This show is quite an education in not only fictional witchcraft but real-life culinary pursuits. That being said, I’m not about to attempt to blossom thin a ten-acre orchard anytime soon. Or even a single tree." Read more.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Nakamoto Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "Although it was fun to spend a little time with the show's master villain last week, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto is at its best when the stakes are low. Sakamoto being Sakamoto and positively impacting the lives of those around him in truly bizarre ways has always been the show's core strength, and little has changed on that front. Chances are good that Sakamoto will have another spat with his chief aggressor in a few weeks, but for now, I'm content to sit back and watch the titular hero do what he does best." Read more.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 11

Fandom Post said, "Chili Pepper, Part 1 is filled with tension-building. Not only is Chili Pepper made out to be a formidable foe, but we're also given some brief fan-service in mentioning the return of Joseph Joestar. Having Okuyasu take the spotlight in a more serious tone is also oddly fitting, with his otherwise carefree character showing that their new enemy means business." Read more.

Joker Game Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "I'm kind of disappointed this didn't develop into a longer storyline, and while everything the happened made sense, I would love to see D Agency go up against some worthy enemy. There doesn't seem to be any. That being said, I'm still enjoying this greatly and I look forward to next week's episode. Even if episodic in nature, it's still a very clever show and it does paint an interesting portrait of a spy's work." Read more.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "Twenty minutes of off-kilter execution can be disastrous for a show relying almost entirely on thrill ride mechanics, but I still have faith in Kabaneri to recover before the final curtain. Heck, I still like Biba's unvarnished Pure Evil schtick, even if this episode chose to blow his load too early. It's all a matter of timing, and this week, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was finally Too Much for me." Read more.

Mayoiga: The Lost Village Episode 11

Anime News Network said, "Overall, The Lost Village is still more or less balancing its absurdist desires with the demands of an actual narrative. It's certainly somewhat less fun now than in the first half, when the larger group scenes and consistent introduction of new ingredients made it feel like any silly thing could happen, but it'd be very difficult for this story to actually resolve while staying just as ridiculous to the end. And transitioning all that has come before into a coherent ending is still impressive in its own way." Read more.

My Hero Academia Episode 11

Anime News Network said, "Though as we near the end of the season, I'm becoming more and more aware of this unsatisfactory aspect of MHA, compared to the emotional peaks we experienced getting here. People keep telling me the manga really outdoes itself in the arcs following the USJ, so I hope I get to see that in the anime at some point." Read more.

Naruto: Shippuden Episode 464

Fandom Post said, "At this stage, it's just dragging it all out. I mean, let's be honest, yes, there is meaning to the whole bridge building thing here. But it's more than half the episode and just slows down the narrative once again as we move into this new background arc. It's like half a step forward, five steps back." Read more.

One Piece Episode 745

Fandom Post said, "There was a lot going on here and while some of it didn’t work as well as it could, the end result is definitely one of the stronger arcs out there for this series that I hope they don’t try to top in terms of episode count again for some time." Read more.

Pan de Peace! Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "Pan de Peace has some cute moments here as we see Fuyumi and Mai coming to a non-verbalized agreement on how they'll interact with each other through their mutual love of bread and all that it entails. It's cute to watch them go back and forth as the other girls watch on, more aware of what's happening than Mai and Fuyumi are. The end result brings us to a decent place, and we're not talking about the public bath scene either, though some will surely like that." Read more.

Rainbow Days Episode 21

Fandom Post said, "This is a solidly put together cast that may be going through familiar motions, but they're executing it in a really fun and engaging way with the right kind of polish and humor to get it to stand out all the more." Read more.

Re:Zero Episode 11

Fandom Post said, "‘Rem’ did wonders for the twins’ characterization while finally putting Subaru out of harm’s way, even if we still don’t know whether he got a new 'savepoint' or not. Arc 3 has been very hyped both by light novel readers and the anime staff, so here’s to hoping that Re:Zero keeps delivering during the summer season!" Read more.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 37

Fandom Post said, "Faulty animation aside, there’s some good emotional payoff in this episode. Hotaru may not realize she too is a guardian, but she was the spirit of one for sure. Meanwhile, the inner guardians are proving to be more of a liability than a help, and if not for their glorious leader’s magical inheritance the planet would certainly be doomed. Chibi-usa proves herself MVP and continues her arc of growth and redemption." Read more.

Saki Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "We get to see a lot more play than we did in the first couple of tournament rounds, though it is still all in a highly abbreviated manner, which gives those who have never played the game little idea of how the whole thing works. While Yuuki did not play badly, Mihoko was just too good for everyone, including the overconfident Jun Inoue of Ryuumonbuchi. It's game on at this point and an interesting question to see who will dominate in the next round." Read more.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless Episode 10

Anime News Network said, "Tanaka-kun is Always Listless doesn't always play to its strengths, but it does manage to do something fairly unique for its genre: hold the attention of people who might not otherwise watch this show. I can sit for three to four hours at a stretch reading an entire book, but my viewing attention span is considerably shorter. That's probably why I don't like the long pauses that other episodes have made use of, but it's also a testament to how well the series works. I'm definitely sorry that we don't have much more of it to go." Read more.

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 10

Anime News Network said, "This is a welcome development, and it will be increasingly important as we dig deeper into the series' 50 episode run. At the end of the day, I think I'm just a sucker for 'shipping.' Give me any 'Out on a Date' episode with some cute moments and a dash of honest emotion, and I'm bound to have a fairly good time." Read more.

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