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Catching up on anime

From Ace Attorney to Ushio and Tora

Here are the latest recaps of the anime currently being broadcast in the U.S.

Ace Attorney Episode 10

Anime News Network said, "Adapting the Ace Attorney story to anime didn't make it any better, but it didn't make it any worse, either. This episode reminds us that even when the adaptation is just OK, the original story and music are still quality enough to keep my attention." Read more.

Bakuon!! Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "A new school year comes and the club worries about recruiting new members and also finding a suitable way to say goodbye to Raimu-sempai, who is in her third and final year. The second issue is taken care of when Raimu decides to stick around a bit longer, but there remains the task of attracting new members. Of course, the Bike Club goes about it in a way only they can, with predictable laugh-inducing results. It’s clear they’ll have one new member in the future, however." Read more.

Chu-Bra Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "Chu-Bra has a fairly relaxed episode here, though it does take time for a group bath and a bit of exploration of the underwear situation, as Nayu deals with the obstacles she must now face." Read more.

Concrete Revolutio Episode 21

"Hopefully the team can learn to juggle its unwieldy cast, so the important points don't get lost beneath them. Thankfully, this week's themes were strong enough to survive." Read more.

Crane Game Girls Episode 8

Fandom Post said, "Crane Game Girls hits the expected resolution to learning the truth of things as most of them are on board but one of them needs a little more convincing." Read more.

Flying Witch Episode 8

Anime News Netword said, "But for the most part, this episode wielded restraint in execution as a kind of permanent deadpan, allowing these sequences to feel slightly magical while also funny in their mundane execution. Flying Witch continues to be a charming and carefully composed experience." Read more.

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto Episode 7

Anime News Network said, "For a show that initially seemed so limited, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto never ceases to entertain. Although the stories simply serve as glorified backdrops for jokes, Sakamoto himself is never predictable. I doubt we'll ever really know what's going on inside his head, but that in itself is a large part of what makes him so amusing." Read more.

High School Fleet Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "This episode reminds me of some of High School Fleet's early efforts: not all that spectacular but pretty solid across the board and free of any major problems. It's just solid, respectable genre storytelling without much ambition beyond providing an excuse to have high school girls run a warship. Sometimes that's all you want out of a series, and it's encouraging to see this show get back into its old groove." Read more.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "Alongside its terrific animation, we’re treated to a rather strange scenario only made stranger as it blends elements of horror with heavy amounts of dialogue that come off as comical as they aim to be. The end result is a beautiful mix of fear, amusement, and the unexpected by the episode’s end." Read more.

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Joker Game Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "I’m kind of disappointed this didn’t develop into a longer storyline, and while everything the happened made sense, I would love to see D Agency go up against some worthy enemy. There doesn’t seem to be any. That being said, I’m still enjoying this greatly and I look forward to next week’s episode. Even if episodic in nature, it’s still a very clever show and it does paint an interesting portrait of a spy’s work." Read more.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 7

Anime News Network said, "Now that we have a fuller picture of the Kotetsujyo crew as the ""good guys"" despite their shortcomings, it's time to meet the bad guys of the burgeoning human conflict when Mumei's brother rolls into town with his Hunters. Big brother Biba is not only the leader of an elite squad of kabane killers (aka Attack on Titan riff #63), he's also the son of the Shogun himself! I get the feeling this show's brief ruminations on class warfare are about to creep back into the picture." Read more.

Kiznaiver Episode 8

Crunchyroll said, "While the viewers' hearts may break for Takashiro, it's once again up to Sonozaki and Agata to carry the show. As the two most outwardly apathetic people in the series, their responses are the the most genuine. Despite the contrived framework, and his coming to her aid in the most melodramatic way possible, the awakening of their respective feelings continue to be some of the more intriguing parts of the experiment, being the least-forced despite their childhood connection and obvious setups." Read more.

Kumamiko - Girl meets Bear Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "Commercial might be one of Kumamiko's strongest episodes yet. It plays off a familiar formula that we've seen smaller versions of already in the series, but it makes the idea its own. It manages to do this without reveling in the show's more uncomfortable varieties of humor, so it leaves the viewer feeling happy. The overall impression is something not only more cohesive than usual, but fresh, a real achievement nine episodes into a gag anime." Read more.

My Hero Academia Episode 9

Fandom Post said, "After several episodes of drama and lighthearted fun, it’s finally time for MHA to get down to business as the show finally brings some villains to the party. Although before quite getting to that, the show still makes sure to set aside some time to develop Iida a bit more in the episode’s first half, and it’s much appreciated. But now it’s time for the show to deliver on some much-needed action and hopefully this adaption’s streak of great quality can hold up as we get to the main event." Read more.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 463

Anime News Network said, "While by no means action-heavy, episode 463 makes a colorful, adeptly-animated dent in the fight against Kaguya. On one hand, I'm eager to delve into the history of Ashura and Indra next week, since these characters are such an integral (and unexplored) part of the series' lore. On the other, I can't help but get frustrated with the show's relentless stop-and-go pacing, particularly as it pertains to this all-important battle." Read more.

One Piece Episode #744

Fandom Post said, "There’s a good sense of honor coming from Fujitora, which is expected, and seeing that moment of softening from him feels incredibly earned after his participation in the series for so many years as the serious type. I’ve long liked the character and a moment like this simply feels significant for the future with whatever interactions may come down the road. A good episode overall, even if it’s light on actual “progress” for most of it." Read more.

Re:Zero Episode 10

Fandom Post said, "The action scenes were brilliantly animated, and the direction showed once again that Re:Zero’s fighting choreography is on point (I still remember that first-person shot followed by a 360º sequence in Reinhard and Elsa’s fight in Episode 3). " Read more.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 35

Fandom Post said, "This episode of Sailor Moon Crystal takes some wild leaps in logic and asks the audience for a large suspension of disbelief, even for a magical girl series. Much of it feels as if it’s just going through the motions, without fanfare. There’s a slip in animation quality as well, made up for in part by a couple of new attacks. The returns of the previous Witches 5 and their quick removal from the scene lacks impact. The death of a lead baddy feels equally rote. I feel myself telling the show to get on with it, we’ve seen these tired tricks before, show us something bolder, please." Read more.

Shonen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan Episode 7

Fandom Post said, "There’s a lot at play here with the kind of relationship that Ashibe and Sugao have with each other, leaving you to really want to know what it’s all about. Sugao’s family is pretty hilarious in a way that simply delights me and seeing just how off his father is, and how frustated his mother is, works beautifully when they end up moving – but nowhere near where Ashibe is. The lie by omission tactic is a big one of Sugao’s father and it makes for some hilarious comedy here that almost leaves me wanting this family to have a series of their own, especially since Sugao looks so utterly sad all the time..." Read more.

The Lost Village Episode 10

Anime News Network said, "In short, this was pretty much another episode of The Lost Village. You know what to expect at this point - very silly non-sequiturs by consistently ridiculous characters, direction that seems dedicated mostly to undercutting the potential excitement of most major scenes, and a whole lot of talking in circles. This episode's mission statement seemed to be “let's do all the reveals at once, thus making sure none of them work,” and in this goal it succeeded. If you were worried The Lost Village revealing its cards would turn it into a more conventional show, I think those fears can be put to rest." Read more.

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 9

Anime News Network said, "The one-two punch of the past two episodes has elevated both the emotional stakes of the plot and the bond between our two heroes. It's still not perfect by any means, but the series has transformed from 'Pretty Okay' to 'I Can't Wait to See What Happens Next.' Like Rokuro himself, our underdog shonen of the season has revealed its own set of sharp, glistening teeth." Read more.

Ushio And Tora Episode 35

Anime News Network said, "Ushio & Tora has a lot of heart on display this week. No matter how many decades go by, it's these emotions that will continue to resonate with modern viewers—long after the Trump reference is no longer relevant." Read more.

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