The Game Awards Show goes off Thursday night, available in many places for free online. Here's how I think some of the categories will turn out:

The anime set Diabolik Lovers II: More, Blood Complete will be released on DVD and Blu-ray March 28.

It's after Thanksgiving and if you haven't purchased gifts for all your loved ones already, you're in the same boat the Sistahs find themselves in.

It's a tasty treat with October's Loot Anime package, as King Baby Duck unveiled various goodies from Food Wars!, Himouto! Umaru-chan, and more! Plus some snarky comments from KBD's plushy collection. Promotional consideration provided by Loot Crate

Why waste your time at work when you can enjoy wasting your time at home as well? That seems to be what the folks at Microsoft are asking by bringing their Microsoft Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android devices. The free game is available now in all the usual places.

Crytek always seems to be among the first to push hardware to its limit with their games. It wouldn't be Crytek without some lush jungles, but for their first foray into PlayStation VR they've filled them with dinosaurs. Tasking you

Who would've thunk that a small RPG Maker game from twenty years ago would have such a massive following? Corpse Party has amassed many remakes, sequels, spin-offs, manga, anime, & film adaptations, and even amusement park attractions. While its remake

The main subject of this week's podcast is not a video game at all. But, perhaps one day, it will become the equivalent of one.

One of the hottest holiday items hits King Baby Duck's doorstep, as he showcases what you get with Nintendo's NES Classic Edition. Plus watch a little play-through of some Super Mario Bros. 3!

After the events of "Children of Arkham," BATMAN - The Telltale Series was keen on making its players choose between two difficult paths. In one instance I could've saved Catwoman while Harvey transformed into the iconic Two-Face, but in another Harvey