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The world's most popular time-waster is now available for iOS and Android

Why waste your time at work when you can enjoy wasting your time at home as well? That seems to be what the folks at Microsoft are asking by bringing their Microsoft Solitaire Collection to iOS and Android devices. The free game is available now in all the usual places.

Microsoft claims to have 119 million players of its infamous solitaire game in the last four years alone. Makes you wonder how much somebody gets paid to count all of that up and exactly what level of education that job requires. Like McDonald's hamburgers, do you think they'll eventually stop counting?

The press release says the collection includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and Tripeaks, and features a daily challenge, "where you can play guaranteed solvable challenges every day in all five game modes with multiple levels of difficulty, while earning cool awards." That's their words, not mine.

And there's more. "Plus, with Xbox Live integration, you can sign in with your Xbox Live gamertag or Microsoft account to earn Xbox Live achievements and Gamerscore, compete with friends and continue playing on any Windows 10, iPhone, iPad or Android device while on the go since your progress and game data are saved in the cloud."

Sure, we all want to keep the record of our Solitaire play in the cloud, for all to see for the next millennia. That'll do one or two things: 1, Show how much of a solitary loser we were back in the 21st century, and 2, give our boss another reason to fire us.

If that doesn't sound exciting enough a reason to jump right in, Microsoft has this special deal: "In addition, to celebrate the global launch of Microsoft Solitaire Collection on iOS and Android, players on iPhone, iPad and Android will receive one free month of Premium Edition ($1.99 value) now through Dec. 31, 2016, which includes no ads, game boosts and double coins for all Daily Challenges."

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