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With the launch of the PlayStation VR, Beijing's Oasis Games has already run out the gate with not one, but two launch titles for Sony's newest (and finest) accessory. The first I had a chance to sit down/stand up to

Local multiplayer is not something I would have thought to be talking about in relation to VR. When the primary player is strapping a headset onto themselves and diving into a virtual world, it's difficult to imagine others being able

Let's face it, we've all wanted to step into the badass boots of the Dark Knight at some point. Virtual reality can finally make this possible with Batman: Arkham VR. Rocksteady, makers of the best Batman games out there, have

Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! – Full Course will be available on Windows PC on Steam Nov. 10, with other platforms to be announced later. The title will also have a 10 percent discount for its first week of availability on Steam.

This is one of those moments that come in the life of every journalist. A respected company comes out with a product that is revolutionary for them, but often provokes an extreme measure of derision.

Kokurase can't keep the ladies away, and at this price, he's going to have a hard time keeping players away. The winner of the Nico Nico Indie Game Festival, Kokurase is coming soon to PC on Steam Nov. 3.

ElectricSistaHood doesn't hold sweepstakes very often, but when we do we hold pretty good ones. Through Oct. 30, we're conducting the ESH Elite Sweepstakes. What's so elite about it? The big prize, of course.

For those of you who have never seen us in our element, this week we're doing what we do best: play video games.

When I was a kid, we'd play crazy games of Monopoly. Friends would bring their sets and we'd combine them: unlimited money, unlimited house and hotels, extra Chance and Community Chest cards, players using multiple Race Cars as tokens. Just crazy.

The final chapter of the King's Quest serues is set to arrive Oct. 25 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC via Steam.