For the first time in what seems like forever, Xenocore joins the Sistahs for this week's rollicking podcast.

Xeno is an old friend of the show, having appeared many times in past episodes, and he returns in good spirits, with plenty to add to the discussion of both video games and anime.

Specifically, Xeno contributes his opinions about League of Legends, the new Gamers anime, the Knights and Magic anime and Rage of Bahamut.

Ninja starts off the program expressing her lust for the new hotness: 4K TV sets, and all the things that go well with them, such as the new Xbox One X, the new top-end PlayStation 4 and the Apple 4K TV.

Panda talks a little about Evil Within II and her experiences with the new Cuphead game. In the show, she mispronounces the name of classic animator Max Fleischer, calling him Fleishmann in error. We'll have Betty Boop bang her over the head.

So we hope you enjoy the party. Stop what you're doing and make some time for ESH Cast #556: Ain’t nobody got time for time travel.

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