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Ten Candles

BFIG 2017: Ten Candles perfectly exploits our horrible inevitable fate

At the Boston Festival of Independent Games (BFIG), like a moth to the flame, ESH became intoxicated by a tabletop tragic horror game called Ten Candles.--more--> Calvary Games and Stephen Dewey's Ten Candles: A Roleplaying Game of Tragic Horror was a lone lighthouse that could be seen out from the vast sea of BFIG's tabletop experiences.

Where the game Dread gives the players a chance, death is always the last stop on the train in Ten Candles, and we all have to get off.

Ten Candles

Ten Candles is a tabletop storytelling game. While there is some prep involved in the execution of this game, the preparation and establishment of the game's world is created by every participant, not just the game master.

Playtime is estimated at about 2-4 hours. Ideal group size is one game master and 3-5 players. The game's setting is selected by the game master and there are 18 modules found in the back of the core rulebook.

The game is played around 10 tealight candles. Each one represents a scene in the story. As characters encounter aspects of the story that have an unknown outcome, the game master will call for a conflict roll. Players then roll the dice pool to determine if they succeed or fail. When there is only one candle left, the final scene begins and every character meets their demise.

The stories are endless, but the ending is always the same.

Ten Candles can be purchased at the Calvary Games e-shop.

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