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Look for our annual #CosplayAllDay on Halloween

In celebration of Halloween, we will once again be doing our #CosplayAllDay posts on Twitter. If you're following our Twitter account, you'll see a new post from us every half hour with a cosplayer demonstrating their abilities.

It's an expansion of our daily #CosplayToday coverage, which appears each day on the service between 8 and 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Here are just a couple of the photos you'll be seeing:


John Levy portrays The Joker.


Who is Breezeeweezee playing? "Don't worry,” she writes. “I'm both rouge and a rogue. No matter how poorly you spell, you're still covered."

In the photo at the top of this story, Alyson Tabbitha portrays Wonder Woman. You can read more on her here.

To see all our cosplay postings for the day, keep tabs on our Twitter account Oct. 31 or search for #CosplayToday -- we think it'll be fun.

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