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PAX East 2018 | Hands On With Echogear Monitor Mounts

Putting together a good gaming rig takes time, money, and the right gear. What monitor - or monitors - should you get? Do you need to do 7.1 surround sound, or will a single sound bar work for your space? I spent some time today with Echogear at PAX East to talk mounts, accessories, and setting up a great streamer space.

Before attending PAX East I really didn’t know much about the brand. It was only thanks to a PR email that I checked them out, and I’m really glad that I did.

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Meet Echogear Gaming Monitor Mounts

Creating a good streaming setup is hard. You’ve got to have multi monitor setup so you can both play your game and watch your chat. Want your setup to be super awesome? You’ll really want a space to easily control video overlays and transitions that’s separate from your game screen and chat. How do you manage all those screens, all those cables, while balling on a budget? That’s where Echogear can come in.

Echogear offers a whole line of single, dual, and now triple monitor mounts supporting in many cases monitors up to 32in in size. If you shop their lineup, be sure to double check the supported monitor size as it varies from mount to mount. I spent time checking out their dual and triple monitor mount systems and I have to say I was really impressed with not only the quality, but with the amount of flexibility Echogears’ mounting solutions offer.

My Studio Situation

My current studio space doesn’t have a lot of open desk space. So any system I get has to be desk mountable via “C” clamp. Additionally, part of the ceiling is slanted, so wall mounting is not a viable option. In looking at the ECHO-GM2FC system I instantly fell in love.

ECHO-GM2FC Dual Monitor Mount | ElectricSistaHoodThe ECHO-GM2FC is a dynamic height dual monitor mounting system. It’s a “C” clamp desk mount system that can host 2 monitors up to 30in in size. I love that the mount allows me to easily adjust the position, angle, and even rotation of its connected monitors. Each arm of the mount has cable management so you don’t have to worry about having power and HDMI cables running everywhere. (Or worse, getting tangled up in each other as you reposition the monitors.) The arms themselves are gas assisted which allows you to easily move them with your fingertips. You can use an Allen wrench to adjust the tension of each arm indepently. This is where the system really shines for streamers and content creators because it gives you the ability to more freely move around your space while streaming.

ECHO-GM3C Triple Monitor Mount | ElectricSistaHood

Next Level Monitor Setup

The ECHO-GM3C triple mount system is a beautiful beast. It’s a fixed height mount that still allows you to change the orientation of your monitors between landscape and portrait, and it supports monitors between 10 and 27 inches. While it also sports a “C” clamp desk clamp, it is a fixed height system. Unlike the ECHO-GM2FC this means the attached monitors will always be at eye-level. This is perfect for simulation game playing, and can work really well for streamers, but only if the desk or table top you are connecting the system to places the monitors at your eye level. So be prepared to need an adjustable seat to make this work for you if your mounting point is not very tall to begin with.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Echogear line up of monitor mounts is really impressive. Most importantly for me they are quality mounts that aren’t incredibly expensive. The ECHO-GM2FC system is $199.99 while the ECHO-GM3C is $149.99. If you already have VESA compliant monitors ready to go and are in the market for a solid mount system that will last, you really should check out Echogear’s product lineup.

I know I will.

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