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ESH Cast #607: I use microtransactions to accessorize, not successorize

Panda and Ninja love to buy things. When they go to the mall, it's hard to keep them out of the stores that offer those little knick knacks that make the day go a little better.

Tchotchkes, baubles, doodads, geegaws, trinkets, whatever you want to call them -- that's what Panda and Ninja like to plunk down a little cash for. The same goes with the video games they play. They don't mind spending a little cash on a great-looking outfit for their players. It "completes" their look.

But when microtransactions are useful only to continue playing a game they've already purchased, that's where they draw the line. And that's precisely where their billfolds stay in their pockets. The "pay-to-win" business is against their religion. Paying a dollar for a cute skirt is one thing, but spending it on advancing in the game is clearly another.

And that's just part of what they talk about on this week's podcast. In addition to that, they discuss a whole range of topics including Soulcaliber VI, the cancellation of a couple of Marvel TV shows, the split between Funimation and Crunchyroll, the new wearing apparel from Markiplier Jack Septic Eye, and festive Halloween games such as Resident Evil 7, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and The Invisible Hours.

It's well worth 90 minutes of your time, so please listen to ESH Cast #607: I use microtransactions to accessorize, not successorize.

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