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Cyborg 008: Africa

I loved the anime series Cyborg 009 A LOT. If you have not seen it, please track it down. My love of American comics like X-men softened me up for a group of cyborgs teaming up against evil forces. That's why I'm glad the Cyborg 009 characters are coming back in 009 Re: Cyborg. The teaser trailer is mostly live action.

You know what's really good? Serial Experiments Lain. Remember the year 1999, when The Matrix blew America's face off with it's philosophy mixed with digital kung-fu? Lain was there, too, but you might not have even heard of her.

Lain doesn't have any kung-fu or gunplay (wait, stay here!) but it does dive deep into the same philosophy regarding the nature of our existence as The Matrix does; I would say that it goes deeper than The Matrix does.

Being without dish/cable TV is hard. You miss out on awesome stuff like A Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who. Luckily, a cable network like Nickelodeon is happy to offer up full episodes of the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon, you know that Sailor Moon got tampered with a bit. Some topics that existed in the Japanese original were taken out because they might be too mature for American kids. What you may not know is that a company called Toon Makers made this for Saban, who held rights to Sailor Moon. It was a mix of their own cartoon and live action!

If you don't believe me, please look at the following video, which was screened at a convention: