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Podcast Episode Title GraphicWe got console and PC (well, Mac) gaming galore in this all-new weekly episode of the ESH Cast. This week the ladies of ESH get down to serious gaming talk starting with Nintendo's earnings announcement to Harmonix launching the Amplitude PS4 Kickstarter.

ep383It's a Panda-ism you have to listen to this podcast episode to understand. On deck this week, the ladies chat about the video games that left a lasting impression on them from PAX East 2014, Aisha Tyler's visit to their back yard, and debate purchasing a Sony Playstation 4.

And then there are the tangents.

We will be covering the E3 2013 media briefings – Xbox, Ubisoft, and Sony - live today at E3 Expo, so be sure to join us in the live chat below and geek out with us as the day progresses.

Admittedly, it had been a while since I’d laid my hands on Nintendo’s upcoming console.  The last I’d seen of the system was back at E3 and, while I’ve been following coverage like a hawk, how the gamepad felt in

Last month at E3, Konami had a gameplay demo for their latest game in the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes the stealth-espionage series in a new direction by highlighting cyber-ninja Raiden. The game follows Raiden, as a part of a private military company called ‘Maverick Security’, as he delves deeper into his past. Earlier today, they’ve released footage of the beginning portion of the demo showcasing the blade mode feature of the game.