A Robot's Letters to God, No. 2

Here's the second installment...

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AB2K6 Days 2+3

Ladies and Gents I have, after two days of sleep, finally recovered enough from Anime Boston 2006 to talk about the experience. I've got lots of goodies for you such as complete information on Masquerade and AMV winners as well as a blow by blow report of the Cosplay Chess Game.

According to the Con Chowder (AB's con pamphlet) on Sunday the attendance at AB this year places it in the top 10 cons in the US. As of Saturday 9,000 people had registered and the Sunday registrations just might have broken the 10,000 mark.

Due to the huge number of attendees the lines for the masquerade did laps around the Hynes Convention Center. Nearly 5,000 people filled the seats after waiting for over an hour to see the masquerade. (A friend who was with Panda and I waited for two hours to hold our place.) The tone of the whole night was set when the first entrant summoned Bahamut (Final Fantasy.) Bahamut had a huge wingspan of about 8 feet and had to have two people holding them up. There was the obligatory Final Fantasy Parade, a guide to conventions as told by Milk-chan and several kisses both hetero and homo in persuasion. Naturo took on State alchemist Edward in an insult contest that degenerated into wrestling on the floor. Saske and Naruto declaired their undying love for one another to Mulan Rouge lyrics, The Para-Kiss/Project Runway skit really hit it off. My absolutely favorite skit involved a group of Bleach characters doing a dance routine.

Masquerade Winners:
Novice Division First Place- Seymour Guado by Sephiroth
Advanced Division First Place- Michela Duggan as Zelda
Best Glowy Make-up- P22, Gakutsuou
Best In Progress- Kaitlyn Abdou, Caroline from Paradise Kiss
Best Attention to Detail- Tanya Robbins, Yuri from Red River
Best Overall Look- Danielle Coons, Yu-Gi-Oh
Best Fish- Elisa Sabella, Noonsa from Slayers
Judges Awards- Cynthia, Lulu Moogle from Final Fantasy X
Mere, Forest Spirit from Frincess Mononoke
Christine Dauphinais, Zelgadis from Slayers

The AMVs this year were amazing. A Weird Al Yankovich song about sensational newspapers, My Neighbor Totoro burping The Blue Danube and Di Gi Charat to the Teen Titans theme song by Puffy Ami Yumi were all fantastic but not enough to win the prizes. Not even Channel Surfin' 2 sequel of last years Best Comedy winner could beat out this years prize takers.

Judge's Choice: One More Beginning by KRZT321 (Allegretto Productions); Chrono Crusade to The Sun Song by Michael Tolcher.

Best Concept: Gattsu's Promise by Michael Zubrycki; Berserk to I'd Die for You by Bon Jovi What could possibly be more entertaining than watching a muscle bound brute declare his undying love through song.

Best Editing: true:Fiction by Jonathan Reed; Various Anime to Das Omen by E Nomine
This was an amazing piece bringing several anime together seamlessly. The editing was so perfect that the AMV looked as if everything had been origionally animated rather than spliced together.

Best Drama: Lost Ones by Reigna; The Place Promised in Our Early Days to Change the Wind - Anberlin.

Best Fun/Upbeat/Other: Foxman Begins by Songbird 21; Naruto to the Batman Begins Movie Trailer ( I voted for this one.) Naruto as Batman, what more needs to be said.

Best Romance: Conter Ies Heures by Kiarrens [Tech Girl Productions]; Chrono Crusade to Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright ( I voted for this one.) This was a heart rending look at the relationship between Chrono and Rosette towards the end of the series when it seems certain that they are both going to die. ( I haven't seen the series so I don't know if they do die.)

Best Comedy: Fullmetal Hell by Dan Olowitz - Third Lens Open Productions; Fullmetal Alchemist to Various Music If anyone out there attended Anime Boston last year they'll know this story, for everyone else listen up. Last year's Best of Show winner was called Atonement and was an FMA video. The problem was that it contained a major spoiler from the show about a certain main character dying (Episode 26) this was only exascerbated by the fact that the first AMV showing is on Friday and the winners are announced at the Masquerade on Saturday. The Masquerade is often the first place people will see the AMVs. A huge ruckus was caused when people saw this AMV because it spoiled episode 26 which was airing in the US for the first time that Saturday night. HUGE INCIDENT.. and this AMV capitalizes on the infamy of Atonement and pokes fun at it so it was an instant hit.

Best Action and Best of Show: Hold Me Now by Marisa Panaccio; Princess Tutu to Hall Om Mig Nu by Nanne Gronnevall ( I voted for this as best action and of show.) This AMV is amazing. Princess Tutu is the anime equivalent of Swan Lake and somehow Marisa edited it to become an action AMV. The song is amazing and so is the editing. I demand that you go download it immediately. Try AnimeMusicVideos.org this is where I downloaded it the second I came home from AB. I have it on loop on my computer as I write this.

Looking back at this post it's getting really long and looking at the clock it's getting pretty late as well. I promise to finish posting sometime this week.
Cosplay Chess Report Coming Soon...

Luv ang Huggs,
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A Robot's Letters to God

Hopefully, this is the first in a series of cartoons.

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Sistah's Are Deep in the Anime

As you might have noticed, Pandalicious and MagicMystic are cleaning house at AB2K6 so I figured I'd chime in with a couple of items for da peoples...

We are going to be recording the podcast slightly later than usual, but I hope to have it uploaded by late Monday evening. Pandalicious will be talking about all the sights and sounds from AB2K6, talk about new and soon to be licensed anime titles, and I will be relaying some of the news and noteworth comments this week from the world of gaming. We've already decided to go to AB2K7 together next year in order to hit more booths, events, and meet more people. We Heart Anime, and anime peoples!

Until then, have you noticed we've added "digg this" links to all of the posts now? Yep, we are working hard to make it easier for you to Digg our stuff. [But only if you honestly dig it. We have a lot of respect for the Digg.]

Other than that, do you know about that NEW CLERKS MOVIE?
Well WTF are you doing still reading this post. Click the link already, damn.

Then go see the movie when it comes out.

NinJaSistah out--

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Day two of AB2K6

and another otaku bites the duck..huh what? Moshi Moshi readers this is Pandalicious here. Home once again waiting for another full day of anime bliss. I'm not even going to go into work today so that I may spend it doing something I actually enjoy I think LB can go w/o me for once. So In short yesterday Magic and I did a little PR work...well I think I physically spread word of mouth about us while being an annoying person with a digital camera and a dream ^^ I had a minor/major malfunction of the Panda bag that I had said during the Anime Breakdown podcast that i would have so that listeners in the area wanted to holla at me could spot me. Yes well 12 minutes after getting my friday only badge my panda bag "Stu" (Yes I name objects male names sometimes) 's major seam split..like right on down the way...so what was there left for a ripped Stu? I had to act quickly and buy a bag that would encompass "Frank" my iBook "Nate" my digi camera "Lilith" my iPod. (yes I know I have problems.)

Looking out the window it seems to be a little cooler today. So Pandalicious is coming prepared with an umbrella and a sweater. Today my goal is to get some art drawn, maybe hit a panel or two and just enjoy the day. I haven't fully decided if I'm going to stay over until sunday morning. It's still up in the air. But we will see I guess.

So today ladies and gents. To spot me at AB2K6 I will have a LARGE Fruits Basket Messenger bag and a Yuki Hat. Now to recap, this is the electric sista hood so i'm a sista a rather cute one too...~^ sorry couldn't help but plug the cuteness. I plan to hit up a few anime viewings see what was popular enough to want to spot light. I'm also planning to hit the Kaigu battel. No one better stop me either! Grrrrr ^^

Well thats all I've gotta say about that. I'm just waiting on Magic to eventually wake up and call me, to let me know she is on her way.

OH Yay she is coming. w00t
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AB2K6 Day 1

Panda and I have finally returned from the magical land of oz (Anime Boston 2006). We spent the day perusing the dealer's room and artist's alley, the only event we ended up going to was the AMV showing. Despite this seeming lack of participation our day was full and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

The Cosplaying this year was dominated by the usuals. Inu-yasha, Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto were strong presences, Wolf's Rain and Bleach were both popular as well. I saw a few Yunas, a Vincent and several Clouds ( all from FF). There was an amazing Alucard complete with a transformed dog-arm with glowing red eyes and a Krad with fully extendable wings. I even saw a Jesus (I think Panda got a picture) and a Marrow (X-Men Comics.)

The artists' alley was definately a step up from last year. The whole hall was filled with tables and even a special annex had to be added. Some of my favorite web comics were represented; Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, Angel Moxie and Comedity. Also Svetlana Chmakova creator of Dramacon had a booth in the alley. I met her breifly last year in the dealer's room and bought a beautiful print of hers. She's a total sweetheart and has none of that I'm-a-famous-author arrogance at all. Panda and I chatted with her for a few minutes. I had a headshot of me as an anime character drawn at one of the booths and bought some very nice prints. I'll have to ask Ninja if it'd be alright to display another person's art on our site, cuz I totally want you guys to see what I got. Panda and I are planning to have ourselves drawn chibified tommorrow and there are three different tables willing to do it (I counted.) I wanna hit them all and come home with an army of chibi Magics.

The dealer's room is the same as always. If it's anime themed and you happen to desire it chances are that they're already producing and selling it. I was surprised at the amount of Hentail Dojushinshi (sp?) at the different tables. It seemed that every booth had at least a small box for sale. This year I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any anime or manga that I could buy elsewhere and so far I have stuck to that promise. I decided pre-con to get myself a 24 set of Copic markers for my birthday (May 29th) and that's gonna take up a majority of my con spending money. I plan to go back through the alley and maybe buy more art there as well.

If you want to look for me tomorrow here's the details. I'm a 5'9" blonde white chick, I'll be wearing my red thundercats tee and my yellow sneakers. Yeah, I own yellow sneakers got a problem with that? (They were just so hideous and bright I had to get them.) I always have my hair up in a ponytail. I'll be hanging with Panda all day, so if you see us give a shout out.

::EDIT:: It's too damn hot to be wearing sleeves, short or not. I'll be wearing a sleveless white tee. The shoulder panels are red and it's got a WW2 poster girl on the front. Still wearing the yellow sneakers tho.

Luv and Huggs,

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We are off to see the Convention...The Wonderful Convention of ANIME BOSTON

And I thought life couldn't get any better.

Hello All, it is your field correspondant Pandalicious and I'm waiting as we speak for magic to get back to me so she can pick me up and we can go to AB2K6 (Anime Boston 2006)!

Yay she called *Squeals for utter joy.*

I have donned my "I love Anime" tee shirt w/ dark flare jeans. Shibby. I'll be wearing pigtails and will have a messenger back w/ a panda spray-painted on it. If you are going to be there, find me and show me some Love for the sistahood!

Magic and I will probably hit up the dealers room and roam around various places. Just tap me on the shoulder and say "Hey Pandalicious" Take a photo with me...so that Ninjasistah doesn't beat me up later...

I can't wait to come back with actual anime geekdom for the masses. TALLY HO!
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Magic Goes to Midnight Showing of X-3

Whoo-boy. What to say. This movie had me jumping up and down in my seat like a little girl. I never do that, I'm a very subdued person.. I enjoy sleeping and sitting around my house. X-men: The Last Stand is an amazing movie and I order anyone who reads this to go watch it.

A "cure" has been found to permanently supress the mutant gene. Mutantkind is now faced with a choice; retain their uniquness and continue to be oppressed or give up everything that makes them special in order to fit in. Unfortunately the choice may not be left up to them, with a cure at hand what is to stop the humans from exterminating the mutants by force. Magneto raises an army to prevent this from happening and moves to destroy the facility creating and distributing the cure. Meanwhile Jean Grey has risen from the depths of Alkalai Lake but has forgotten herself and lost control of her powers. She has become a new, more powerful creature called Phoenix and is a danger to herself and anyone who crosses her path.

I had heard that Apocalypse was supposed to be in this trilogy ending, but he didn't make an appearance. New characters included Angel, Beast, Quill, Calypso and the Morlocks. For some reason Nightcrawler, Toad and Sabertooth don't appear at all. Cyclops and Mystique had surprisingly small parts and the Professor and Storm seem to have undergone drastic personality changes. Having read many of the comics I can see that several storylines and changes in attitude that took years to develop are being accelerated in order to fit into the movie's time slot. If you are a sentimental person who is devastated when a character dies I'd be wary of this movie. Several key players are killed in a horrifyingly easy manner. ( I for one feel better if they are at least able to fight back.) Action scenes and explosions abound and there are several treasures for comic readers (Fastball special) and avid fans. The delightful quips and personality clashes are still present, but the cast of characters has grown too large to fully explore the dynamics of the whole team. The music is unobtrusive but powerfully works itself into the whole viewing experience. I would definately say that this movie fits into the category of being an epic and is best experienced on the big screen.

Final Judgement: I just got home from the midnight showing. It is 2 am and if I had telepathic powers I would order you all immediatly from your beds and into the nearest theater. This movie is a must see ASAP.
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Mmm, Pocket Gaming

The DS Lite is due out June 11th which means it's time to get your game on. [If you haven't already that is.]

I have put off picking up a DS for a few reasons: (1) I hoped the PSP would turn out to be awesome and have some kick ass games, so I bought it instead; (2) I didn't think the dual screen thing would work; and (3) I bought a Gameboy Advance SP the year before and only played my original copy of Gameboy Tetris. [And I do mean, lil green screen Gameboy brick Gameboy] If Nintendo hadn't come out with any games for the Advance, they couldn't possibly come out with any games that I'd want to play on the DS.

I was wrong. I can admit to making mistakes where the DS was concerned, but I also learned from my mistake. I decided to wait for the 2nd rev of the system before buying one. I had to wait for Nintendo to fix some of the backlight and battery issues. Judging by the things I've read on Joystiq and Engadget those things have been improved. Add the fact that the New Super Mario Bros. game is available for the DS [along with a couple of other games like Nintendogs and that damn Animal Crossing one]

So if you were holding off on getting a DS, I say hold off no longer. Go out and spend you some money on June 11th. At $129 bucks, you might as well. What else were you going to do? Plant that money and try to grow you a PS3 money tree? Didn't thinks so.

NinJaSistah out--
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Game Sequel We NEED: God of War II

In keeping with the "God" theme, this post is about a sequel I'm dying to get my grubby lil' hands on, God of War II for the PS2.

Damn Kratos looks sexy...

GOWII starts right where the first game ended; Kratos after defeating Ares the God of War ascended to Mt. Olympus to become the new God of War. Evidently, Kratos makes a rather cut throat and ruthless God of War. And keeping with Greek mythology the other Gods of Olympus conspire against him which soon lands our, um, hero, back on a journey to regain all that was taken from him. Above all else Kratos is searching for a way to rid himself of the memories of his past. [Those of you who have played the first game, know what that means. Those of you who have not played the first game, slap yourself. Hard. Then go out and buy it!]

Now, if GOWII was just more of the same it would be worth picking up. The gameplay of the original game was just ballz out fun. Kratos opened up so many can's of whoop ass in the first game that it was addictive. No matter how many times that tunnel with the spiked walls closed in on you before you could reach the other side and you died, you hit that damned continue button and tried again. More brutal fights, more reaction commands, more puzzle solving, more stunning backgrounds...count me in. But GOWII is more than just another quick jump to start a franchise. The developers have really fought hard take a good thing [Hell, great IMHO] and make it better. I respect that.

If you played through the first game you saw some of the bonus videos that featured some gameplay elements that the team just could not get into that game. Well guess what? Some of those things have made it into GOWII. Like the wings of Icarus. Yes you read that properly. Kratos will have the gift of [limited] glide. It's not really flight because the implimentation stays true to mythology; the feathers are stuck together by wax and begin to disintegrate after a short period of use. But they are in the game. For now, that's all I need to know.

For those of you who have [and have not--shame upon you and your entire lineage] you'll be glad to know that GOWII has refined the equiping of sub weapons. When playing through the first GOW you get a nice and heavy damage inflicting weapon called The Blade of Artemis. The only frustrating thing about using this weapon was that you had to hit both the L1 and R1 buttons simultaneously to equip it, which made pulling off combos via weapon switching difficult. It wasn't impossible, but it was damn near close. Occasionally you would be able to land a single hit with whatever weapon you switched to if you had a gnarly air combo already going. Not so in GOWII. The weapon switching has been simplified...to one button people! Magic has been re-tooled as well. It's not just for repelling large swarms of enemies anymore. New to GOWII are an ice attack that acts like a shotgun blast and a wind harpoon that can be charged up to a whirlwind state launching your victim[s] aloft. You can now use magic to combo you little black heart out.

Use the wind attack to whirlwind your opponent into the air, pummel them with your sword attach, as it looks like they are about to fall to the ground switch to your blades to grab the enemy and draw them into you, then kick their ass to the ground and "lern them to mock your skillage!" [Yes I know I typed the words "lern" and "skillage"...if Stephen Colbert can make up words, so can I] Unleash your inner ruthless badass people.

Did I mention that Kratos can now grapple and swing around within the levels using the Blades of Chaos? I didn't? Mah bad. He can, using special grappling points within the levels. You can't miss em. If you hit Kappy's Liquor Store, you've gone too far. ;) Yes I made a smiley face. Kratos makes my heart happy. Knowing that Cory Barlog is at the helm of this outting for Kratos now that David Jaffe has gone up another rung on the ladder [ok, he went up a FEW rungs on the ladder...I won't playa hate] eases my mind.

Knowing these guys stuck to delivering this title on the PS2 in order to release a stunning game focused on bringing quality gameplay elements to the player makes me feel so special. They could have rushed to make it a PS3 launch title delivering a sub-par GOWI port with new levels, but they took the high road. For that reason [amung many more] I'll be ponying up my $50 bucks come Feb 2007 to add God of War II to my game collection.

See ya at GameStop!

NinJaSistah out--

obviously these images are from IGN's website and are theirs. you should check them out to get some cool desktops, video previews, and shizzole like that.
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5 Million People Will Buy PS3 "Even If It Didn't Have Games" Says Sony

"The first five million are going to buy it, whatever it is, even it didn't have games" says Sony's Euro CEO David Reeves. That seems a little bit arrogant.

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Another Sistah's Voice

Although clearly in the minority, there were some girl gamers reporting from E3 last week. One of them, Clairecakes, reported from E3 for the popular movie website Ain't It Cool News. Claircakes was particularly impressed with the Nintendo Wii controller, which she affectionately called the "Wii-mote." Here's an excerpt about her experience with the game WarioWare:

"Wow. What a tremendously fun game. I sautéed zucchini, cut a piece of wood in half with a sword, hooked a little man onto a pole and tried (and failed) to spin a little dome so the marble would fall into the hole. The stuff on screen responded quickly and easily to all my motions. I held the Wii-mote like the handle of a frying pan and gave it a shuffle and my zucchini browned. I also got to put in on top of my head and do squats... I looked insanely stupid but the console responded so well."
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Brawler Fun: God Hand for the PS2

Sure, everybody knows that there was a lot of next gen console news that came out of E3 last week. Hell we only scratched the tip of the iceberg of E3 goodness in our HOUR LONG podcast this week. And I doubt we'll even get close to covering any of the portable game news from E3 for at least another week. But what we will do is try to bring to you, our loyal readers [and listeners] what we think are going to be the games you should want to hear about. [If you haven't already, that is.]

First on deck: God Hand for the PS2

God Hand looks like the kind of game anyone can pick up, have a lil fun, whoop a lil ass, and get down tonight. Know what I mean? It harkens back to the day of the brawler video game...Remember those? Double Dragon? Final Fight? Fatal Fury? Ring any bells for you? They should, they were crazy fun. My sister and I begged and schemed our mom in order to get those games and would play them from the end of homework time until we HAD to go to bed. We never stopped playing because we wanted to, or were tired of the game. So if God Hand can really deliver,you won't ever want to put it down. Here's the lowdown on the game as far as what I was able to find on ye old interweb...

God Hand is a Capcom title due out sometime in Q4 2006 for the PS2. While I'm not sure what engine they are using, the screens and trailer I've seen look great. The PS2 ain't dead yet. Capcom has thrown some of the members from theDMC and Viewtiful Joe design teams at the game, and it shows. God Hand comes off like a hybrid of those two games: serious action, quirky fun, and furious gameplay delivered to the player on a purdy lil silver platter.

The game looks like it has a mashup of anime and Hollywood western movie flavors as it is set in a wild west type landscape and the main character is the Bruce Lee fighting style type; but with Dante's [from DMC] style. That right there makes me a believer, and should make lovers of the DMC and Viewtiful Joe series at least curious about this game. Are you curious? Doubting Thomas' all of you!

The setup of the game is you track down the baddies, then commence to opening a can of whoop upon them like nobody's business. The more bad guys you beat, the more your God Hand charges up. [Sound like Devil Trigger much?] Soon as your God Hand gauge is charged, you can unleash your awesome power and lay down some serious combo and counterattack damage upon the baddies. Also making an appearance are some standards for action games these days including "reaction attacks" [a la God of War and Kingdom Hearts 2] and the slo-mo "appreciate the can o' whoop I just opened" ability.

I don't know about you, but I'm keeping this game on my radar. When it comes out it just may be one of those games that quickly becomes a "Greatest Hits" title for the PS2. I miss brawlers, and hope they make a comeback.

And no, "The Bouncer" does not count...And you know why.

NinJaSistah out--
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How Many Wii Can You Afford?

An executive from Sega, one of Nintendo's largest publishers, told Forbes.com last week that he expects the Wii to sell for less than $200. With a $200 price point, the Wii might not only be a video game system, but the new currency exchange unit for video game system sales. Consider this:

Nintendo Wii: 1 Wii
Microsoft XBox 360 Base: 1.5 Wii
Microsoft XBox 360 Deluxe: 2 Wii
Sony Playstation 3 Premium (retail in November): 3 Wii
Sony Playstation 3 Premium (on eBay in December): 6-8 Wii
Sony Playstation 3 Premium (retail, next May): 1.5 Wii
Playstation 3 game (retail in November): 1 Tinkle (less than $100)
Playstation 3 game (retail next May): 1 Drip (less than $50)
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That Suck-did

Sever go down the hole....Sever come back!

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but our host had a tiny leetle problem with our server, and it brought down all of our domains. Including this fine website yer readin' right now.

Not to worry as you can read these words and know that we are alive, well, and typin'. We have been re-assured and re-re-assured that we should not experience any data loss [haven't noticed anything missing so far] or bandwith issues due to the knock out. So that makes me happy. And that should make you happy.

The short of it is "Don't worry, be happy!" [sorry had to do it]

NinJaSistah out--
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Case of the bah hum blahs...

Monday, Monday...and not a weekend in sight. Just a quick update people.

The edit goes well, so the new podcast episode should be up late this evening. For our anime fiends friends, I did not forget that last Thursday was new anime day, or to cover it. The anime news will be up shortly.

Until then, keep it real...

NinJaSistah out--
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And Now The Amazing MagicMysticGrl Arrives...

Hey-lo Everybody. My name is MagicMysticGrl (Magic or Mystic for short) and I am joining this here sistahood. Panda drafted me to create some luscious Avatar goodness for herself and Ninja and I bullied my way into the rank of Site Participator. This means that I get to write reviews and blogs all by my lonesome (no chaperones whatsoever.) I would join the podcasts as well but I have an ancient wreck of a computer that has had too many download programs on it over the years. These days it doesn't run much more than word. Count yourself lucky that you don't have to subject yourself to my gravelly voice. I've heard myself on answering machines folks Whoo, you do not want to go there.

I'm a bit of a hermit, I hide in my room and play my PS2, read manga and watch anime all day long, so I probably won't post often. I do promise that whenever I do come out to play and post I'll have something wonderful for you. I have a large library of anime, manga and PS1/2 games so I'll be reviewing new and older stuff. Prepare to be amazed.

Luv and Huggz,
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I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of E3! THE BEST GAMING CON EVER!

Just imagine all the newest technology at your hands...and then..

Hey you gamers out there, Pandalicious here, and this is just to let all of you know that the next ESH podcast will be about all the information we *da sistahs* could gather in the name of E3 06. We have been giving blood, sweat and tears. [I'm more or less describing the fallen sistah *ninja sistah* as she recoups from her battle w/ the clan of surgical samurai.] Those bitchas use lethal tricks like numbing needles and temporary pain conquerers... Lets all wish her a fast recovery. ^^

We shall bring you the knowledge from:
and yes, also from the dark horse, you guessed it the nintendo "wii"
pfffft wii....why not the nintendo "I'm going to piss hot urine in your face" console HAH HAH HAHA *clears throat sorry*

Also I was thinking I might do separate podcasts dealing w/ the more sexual side of anime. And NO I do not mean HENTAI per se, but high tensions of yaoi and yuri titles. What do you guys think? *in a sexy voice* Would you like that? Yea I know you would but I want some feedback.

POST BACK TO US!! WE CHECK THIS SITE EVERYDAY...WE DO THIS FOR YOU...Do I need to go on a hunger strike or something? Huh?! HUH?! ^^

We love you.
Check out our new podcast...when it's posted
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You Must Be Out Your Damned Mind

Yeah Sony, I'm talking to you! Don't you try 'n act like you don't see me.

I never thought I would say [hell, even think] the things that are about to come out of me and make up this post. For years I have been a loyal, card carrying member of the "Playstation kicks [insert game console name here]'s ass" club. I skinned my PS2, gave one to my nephew, keep my games stored in a pristine disc binder...I've done it all people. But now...now I might have to turn in my PS2 card, patches, and mini buttons because Sony has LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS!

Don't believe me? I can understand that. I don't want to believe me myself. But I'm going to give you a lil prereq info and then tell you about the straw that broke this camel's back.

You ever heard of a lil gadget Sony made called the PSP? I know you saw that dumb assed commercial with the squirrels..."PSP, it's like a nut, you can play with outside" Did they aggravate you as much as me? Anyways, moving on. The PSP has thus far, failed.

Problem One: Proprietary Media Format.
The PSP uses a media disc called an UMD or "Universal" Media Disc. I put universal in quotes because the only device on the planet that can uses these universal discs is the PSP. UMD's do not allow the user to write data to the disc. So they aren't very versatile at all: the only UMD discs in existence are pre-pressed discs.

Problem Two: Poor Game Development.
The PSP came out at a time when developers were starting their work on games for the next generation of consoles, so the games that came out on the platform were quick ports of existing games. These quick ports tended to not offer any new gameplay elements. There were some new and interesting games that came out, but not enough to justify buying a PSP.

Problem Three: Pricing, Pricing, Pricing!
Question to Sony: Why the HELL would I pay 40 bucks for PSP version of a game I can buy for 30 bucks on the PS2? Ooooh, I have another question: Why the HELL would I pay 30 bucks for a UMD version of a shitty movie I could buy a DVD version of at Wally's for 9 dollah? That's right, I wouldn't. I'D BE OUT MY DAMNED MIND!

That all said, why am I complaining about Sony now? Why do I think they've lost their damned minds? Because they just announced yesterday that their new system, the big and bad PS3 is going to be available Nov. 2006...Oh yeah, and cost either $499 or $599. I'll give you a second to re-read the previous sentence.


Yeah, you read that right. A new PS3 [without a game, without a second controller...To add those, estimate another hundred dollah to the prices that follow] is going to set you back either 500 or 600 dollah. The $500 dollah version will come with a 20GB HD and a controller. [whoopee] While this system will have the cell technology and play the BlueRay HD games, it will NOT be able to play BlueRay HD DVD Movie discs. You'll need the $600 dollah version to do that.

To say that this price is shockingly high is an understatement. I am so disappointed in Sony on this one. I can tolerate the PSP bungle...But this? This is unforgivable. I'm so upset I can't even type straight. Please believe you will hear more about this when we bring you our E3 podcast.

For now, PissedOff NinJaSistah out --
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Pandalicious Presents...#2 The quest for the Revolutionary Girl Utena

Corruption,Greed,Manipulation and pulling swords outta chicks without killing them whats the frickin deal?!Pandalicious here and this isn't a review persay, it is just a little peek into the frooky world of RGU.

My first encounter with RGU was at AB2003 I saw the OVA in the dealers' room and the impulse buyer i happen to be, i bought it. I rushed it home, watched it..and was UTTERLY CONFUZZLED I was like @.@ Good LORD what does it all mean?! My brain is a page of swirls and hot lesbian tension...ahhhhhh *Explodes* the end.

This anime came from the creators of Sailor Moon. w00t to all my sailor moonies...WE ROCK and the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT!! If you like dramatic music and relationship tension and cars[WTF?!?] Check this out.

I just got the 2nd arc (the Black Rose Saga) and I'm attempting to get more of it. IF u have more, please feel free to spoil stuff for me, I don't mind. I'm not like those other anime lovers who go out and murder people that spoil things for me. lol

Thats all i have to say about that.
Pandaicious Out. ~^
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Pandalicious Presents...Full Metal Alchemist Movie " Conquerer of Shambala"

What will come outta my mouth next ^^ Right from the beginning you are thrown into a confrontation between Al Elric and some weird dude who has a urainium bomb,hoping to entice the elric bothers to take him to central. Weird guy hurts Al, Ed shows up and shoots out a badass monolouge that in turn triggers another battle. They win. And like most boys, Ed destroys lots of stuff and BIG BAADAA BOOM ...and THEN...

*TIME SHIFT* (there are many of these in this movie)

Its 1928! For all those who saw the series you know that in order to save Al and to restore his actual body, Ed goes beyond the gate. Anyway, so Ed is chillin in the 1920's in a world of pure science (UM YEA we will see about that) For the most part us...the anime lovers of the WORLD want these two brothers to be reuninted in the every end, and for someone to bang winry!*Evil look of lust on her face* Anyway *coughs loudly*So Ed is going ton Carnival w/ Al(2) -this is the Al of the world beyond the gate- He is weak and sick..and kinda dying but you don't see it until later on. But Ed destroys a car..and they have to hitch a ride from a truck full of hot dark skin gypsies. *YES I SAID IT...SO WHAT?!* There is a little musical interlude and a bond is formed between Noah (a mind reader who can only do it when she touches them) I don't mind this so much, she is kinda hot...anyway

This movie has it all drunk germans! funny police hats and racists bigots getting theraputic treatment.

The bad guy (or woman in this sense) thinks that the world beyond the gate is a world of paradise and peace...she wants to...(OF COURSE) take over it. ^^ She has somehow learned some Alchemy and has found the gate to Shambala (shambala is the FMA world we know about where Ed and Al came from)

There are some familiar faces in this movie even though they are only minor characters who help the storyline but for a good chunk of it you are only looking at the journey to reuinite the brothers. Winry is also looking forward to seeing Ed again.

Battles Battles, Talks from Ed's Daddy, battle w/ Envy in Dragon form. Wrath is actually being self sacrafices. and who is this Hot Boy in a red Coat? It's ...it's AL. *YUMMMY* yes i am jonesing for some alphonze.~^

Anyway...for those who loved the story line of the series you'll dislike the movie, it contradicts itself all the frickin time and it just literally just wanted an excuse to include some nazi activites (YES THERE ARE NAZIS and HITLER IN THIS MOVIE)

If u just wanted an ending, and some closure to the series, this will give it to you. It will answer one or two questions u had from the series but not all of them...OH and the ending is gonna screw with you..but thats all i'll say.

I will not be a complete spoiler...so..hit me up, ask me questions that are anime, or manga related.
This is pandalicious and don't u dare say i didn't give you nothing ;)
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E3: And we won't be there...

E3, is nearly upon us people. While the sistahs' will not be hitting the conference this year [so sad, please lord let someone hook us up and send us to E3 next year] we will be dogging every resource on the net to bring you our viewers the best stuff from the conference.

Now if you don't know what E3 is, you had better not call yourself a gamer. You're just a poser. I do bite my thumb at you sir. [or madam as the case may warrant] If you are an anime buff and not a gamer E3 is like an anime-con, but for gamers, involving video games...and booth babes. Basically the big 3 show up to brag about how big and bad their hardware is and all the developers show off demos and FMV of their games. They all smile and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance.

Man that thing always gives me the giggles. I'm digressing again. Needless to say while I'm recouping and digging up E3 info, Pandalicious is going to take over daily publishing duties. So check in let her know how she's doing and keep an eye on her for me. I never know WHAT is going to come out of that girls head.

Oh yeah, next episode of our podcast will be up shortly too. If you read my comments you know that we are switching apps [just couldn't get GarageBand working right] so now will be using Skype and Audio Hijack Pro to record our episodes. This should improve the audio quality greatly as well.

NinJaSistah out --

If there is anyone out there that would like to sponsor us going to E3 next year...you know where to find me.
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Coming forth like a Phoenix from the Flame...

I'm free...so free..Hello fellow ESH peeps....Pandalicious in Da House! It has been far to long, and i've finally blasted unto the EHS scene. Like most of the college population, finals are rearing their ugly heads and i must slay them w/ my mighty sword of knowledge, a blade well sharpened by skill. Anyway... I'll be devoting more time to you..our viewers, listening and posters...(people who post comments to us). Feel free to ask me anything anime/manga related. In Possible Podcast news, i've been tinkering with some technologies so that in times when NinJaSistah cannot participate I will then do podcasts on my own. I do plan to do a cast about an upcoming Anime convention in my area and also a cast about animes i feel are worth mentioning. S0 plz hit a sistah up. I wanna feel the love. Pandalicious Out ~^
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It's official, you can now find and subscribe to the ElectricSistaHood through the iTunes application. No excuses people go get the podcast. Want a one-click link to subscribe to our podcast in itunes? You can click here to subscribe to us in iTunes. [This assumes you have the current version of iTunes already installed on your computer. If you don't, go get it.]

We are working to fix the audio quality of the podcast. The next episode should sound leaps and bounds better now that we've got the hang of the software. Thanks for hanging tough with us as we find our legs. For now, just go get the damn podcast. :)

NinJaSistah out --
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Gimme a Break

Alight here's the scenario: I'm two boss battles away from beating Kingdom Hearts 2. My thumbs are well rested. I actually ate breakfast this morning. So what's the next move? Gather up a bunch of goodies and let slip the dogs of war?

Nope, I'm going to start a completely different game. I needed a KH2 break. I'm not ready for the experience to be over. I have had waay too much fun slicing, dicing, jumping, and limiting my way through all the worlds. Being this close to seeing the ending movie almost makes all the hours of gameplay that came before feel cheap. What I mean to say is the journey has been so much fun, that now that I am at the doorway of my final destination I hesitate to ring the doorbell.

I won't go into details as the ever "soon-to-be-recorded" podcast will cover this but, KH2 is worth the journey. Even so, I picked up a game this weekend from one of my local GameStops to use as my KH2 breather. The game? Amplitude. I cannot stress this enough, "YOU SHOULD OWN THIS GAME." Amplitude is the kind of game that you go head to head with your friends to prove that your skills far outweigh theirs. It is a music based pattern game.

Created by the fly ass people over at Harmonix. [You know, they made Frequency and I believe they had a hand in Guitar Hero...which I am still trying to get cash together to buy] Amplitude is working th HELL out of my fingers, but I keep coming back for more. Basically you have to blow up these lil sound pod thingies on the track before you in order to release the sound contained within it and also rack up points. Blow up all the pods on a given instrument track, and that part of the song plays. Successfully blow up the bass, vocal, drum, and synth tracks and the song plays. After a certain amount of time notes re-appear on each instrument path, making you return to that path and blow up the sound pods all over again.

I had rented the game a couple of years ago, but had not purchased it. I was never able to find it in a store. It was by accident that I found the only copy at GameStop this weekend. I had gone to the store in order to pick up the new copy of GameInformer and some Nintendo knick knacks... [I just love those lil rubber bracelet things they make] and there it was. Alone on the top shelf of the used game section. Marked down to $12.99. I immediately forgot about the GI magazine I had been looking for and just grabbed the game and ran. [AFTER paying for it, we don't promote 5 finger discounts here] Amplitude lets those of us who stand no chance in hell of playing Dance Dance Revolution on a dance pad well a shot at playing a rhythm based game well.

If you've ever played Mad Maestro, Space Channel 5, hell even PaRappa tha Rapper, you owe it to yourself to buy try Amplitude.

I need to get my hands on Guitar Hero so bad... oh yeah, and beat Kingdom Hearts 2

NinJaSistah out --

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