Tuesday, it's not Monday, but it's almost as good... especially when there is a new episode of the ESH podcast! In this one, the ladies share what Santa brought them for Christmas and what they wish they had gotten, but didn't.

Was Santa a bro or a ho?

Most games share quite a bit in common with the one that came before it and we’ve seen quite a bit of that with all the other titles in the Pre-Game of the Year line.  Oddly, with Red Dead Revolver, it and Red Dead Redemption actually have very little in common, aside from the obvious similarity in setting.  So, where did one of my personal favorite games of this year come from and why is it so wacky?

Hey, hey ESH faithful, you know what today is? That's right, 5 days til' NinJa gets gifts!!! Oh, yeah! It's Monday as well, which means a new ESH podcast episode...

...knew there was something I was forgetting!

When it comes to The50Kaitenz their mixture of punk rock and comedy is no match for any band, so when it first heard that the Osaka trio was teaming up with cult favorite director Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl, Robogeisha) the pairing sounded like a match made in Heaven. Like a blend of The Three Stooges, Help! and Detroit Metal City both the director and its stars manage to create one heck of a funny blend of comedy and punk rock with Rock 'N' Roll Magic.

It was the year 2000 and everyone was still getting over the whole Y2K thing and playing with their N64s.  It was then that Nintendo released the next game on my list, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, which was the predecessor for this years awesome title Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  Now, before the emails start getting written, I do realize that there have been a huge amount of games in the Kirby series in-between these two titles.  Fact of the matter is, all of those games were made on portable platforms, which makes Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards the last full console release for Kirby.

Oh Monday's, how we love you... especially when you have a new episode of the ESH podcast to share with the world!

In this weeks' episode the ladies talk VGA's and anime with some almost-last-damn-minute anime fan gift ideas to help you be less of a douche bag this holiday season.

Attention Sistas and Brothas! How would you like to win yourself the most epic of nail'd packages? Read on and find out how you can win the ultimate nail'd kit!

Science Fiction is a genre that has been explored quite a bit in film and television.  Traveling to new worlds, exploring alien civilizations and fighting against other-worldly foes is something fairly well-known to the video game crowd as well, but few games compare to the immersive and exciting Mass Effect series.  So, join me tonight as I spend a few minutes reminiscing about the predecessor to my next candidate for game of the year, Mass Effect 2.

Ah, Monday... It just wouldn't be the same with out a new episode of the ESH podcast now would it?


In this week's episode of the podcast both NinJaSistah and Pandalicious share their takes on Ubisoft's latest entry in the Assassin's video game franchise, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Life is a mystery...

One of the best-written manga and funniest anime series of all-time is getting its dues, this time in the form of a full-length movie.