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I had such wonderful plans for my money: food, shelter, gas and toilet paper to name a few.  All of that changed however, when I played a selection of Nintendo’s lineup of games at E3 this year.  Nintendo was clearly the leader of this years E3 in terms of sheer volume of new game announcements and quality titles.  My Wii and DS are going to be working overtime and my wallet is already openly weeping.

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In this episode of the podcast, the gals kickoff the show with answering an email about anime series and movies to check out, and then we shift back into gaming.

The most influential metal band from Japan is getting ready to invade America in a very big way.

If you thought there were some universes where zombies would never invade, you were red-dead-wrong. I'm still waiting for a gritty Power Rangers reboot saga where the old rangers are revived and zombified, but I'm a dreamer. Rockstar has announced 4 new DLC packages for Red Dead Redemption, some look great, and others just aren't worth the price.

One fine evening, Fallout 3 decided to go out for a drink.  So, it found a bar and started ordering some drinks.  After some time, a nice game called Borderlands came up and started ordering drinks for Fallout 3.  The next morning the two awoke next to each other with confused looks on their faces.  That is the story of how the newest gem from our good friends at Bethesda and Id entitled Rage was conceived.

A day late, but not a dollar short. The ESH Crew is proud to deliver a brand new episode of our weekly podcast.

Anime Expo (as well as other sources) have been filled to the brim with news of new and recently-acquired anime films. Which ones, you ask? How does a new Fullmetal Alchemist movie sound?

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