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The Peanuts gang have been around for a wonderful sixty years, and during that time we have been given classic comics, TV shows, movies and video games. This past June the folks over at Smart Bomb Interactive released the fourteenth Peanuts-based game in its sixty-year history: Snoopy Flying Ace. Needless to say, for a Charlie Brown game, I came out of this dogfight with eyes wide and jaws dropped. How is it possible that a Snoopy title, of all things, might turn out to be the best Xbox Live release of the year?

There has been quite a bit of talk about this years indie darling Limbo as of late.  Being quite the sucker for a game with an eerie atmosphere, I picked up the game and played through it.  One of the biggest things that people have been saying about the game is it’s the Braid of 2010.  While I can appreciate the statement from the point that it’s a fantastic indie game that has gotten a lot of critical praise, there is one point that I feel needs to be stressed when making the comparison.  Aside from some minor similarities, they are most definitely not the same game.

Another new Monday another new episode of the ESH podcast. We start this week's show talking about Sony and end it in typical ESH style: completely off topic and in-appropriately.

The Trauma Center series for DS and Wii has always brought a unique experience in the video gaming world, what with its surgery gameplay and storytelling. Some have complained, however, that the series has become too predictable in regards to its style. Fortunately the folks at Atlus have created a new way of taking on this world thanks to the new Wii game Trauma Team.