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Ok, it's technically still Monday and we have a new episode of the ESH podcast for you, so SUPER YAY!
This episode is chock-full of video game stuff... but it also has ANIME

Oh Captain Smiley. How much I wanted to think you were a big bag of awesome. Unfortunately your superpowers are no match for my critical analysis, and dude I have many issues with your video game debut.

In a wonderful turn of events, a little over a week ago, my girlfriend turns to me and says that she would like to help me buy a game.  After I awoke from the shock-induced coma, I instantly knew which game I was interested in checking out.  We went to the store and like a little boy in a toy store I pointed and jumped at Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  I have since played through the entire game and it has been a serious contender for one of my favorite games of this year.

As you may or may not know, NinJa is in the midst of moving/starting a her big-girl-job/sleeping a lot, so there is no podcast this week. We know, we know, you are crushed

First and foremost, Gyakushu is not an Manga, as in Manga with a capital "M." It is currently a motion comic, though. Ohhh, now here's where I actually tell you what Gyakushu is. Gyakushu is a story of vengeance, about a

With a name like Squid Girl many anime fans' thoughts would turn to the dark side. A girl with many tentacles? It's time to get your mind out of the gutter, for this show isn't the least bit dirty; in fact this new comedy is perhaps this year's most charming anime.

Halloween has come and gone but there are a few things left to remember it by. One of these is Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. At ten dollars, this DLC is a steal for what it provides. Two new online games modes and a brand new adventure in single player filled with old characters, new challenges, and a whole lot of zombies.

In the original George Romero zombie flicks, the thing that would always take down the survivors was the sheer numbers of the living dead.  More recently, we’ve been introduced to the running zombie who is fearsome all by itself with the ability to chase you down added to its arsenal.  Put these things together and you’ve got what makes Dead Nation, a new release for the PSN, delightfully fun and difficult.  I got a the chance to play this game during the Major League Gaming event and I have to say that while it certainly gave me a hard time, it felt fair and I had a good time playing it.

Ah Monday, not as much fun without a new episode of the ESH podcast, and this one is chock full of Fable 3 spoilers... we mean tips and tricks!