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ESH Cast #433: Silent Hills: The Cake Is a Lie

It wasn't a triumph.
I'm making a note here:
Huge Failure

The news that many horror genre hopefuls were attempting to will out of existence came to be: Silent Hills has been official cancelled. Panda didn't have enough time to properly grieve but Ninja made sure to cause her to relive the disintegration of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro's project.

And as if that wasn't enough torture, Ninja just had to bring up her neverending-addiction – Bungie's FPSMMORPG Destiny – which Panda was surprised it took her so long to do. This time, the focus was on the upcoming House of Wolves DLC and what to expect when that drops on May 19th.

Ninja had something to say about Guitar Hero Live, but then again, who didn't have anything to say about that trailer. It only makes us appreciated and treasure the fact that Rock Band 4 is coming.

But wait, there's more! The ladies of ESH finish out the show talking anime. Panda brings up a zany fan-service-filled anime she found on Crunchyroll called Punchline. Ninja took it to dark place talking about the series Shiki that she marathon'd on FUNimation.com recently. (A task that even Panda herself couldn't bring herself to do.)

But lets get this podcast moving!

Here is ESH Cast #433: Silent Hills: The Cake Is a Lie.

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