All grand things must come to an end, and for CD Projekt RED's Witcher series, that time seems to be now. So how does Geralt of Rivia end this magical journey of his? Simple: with a fiery bang, in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

If I worked at a game development company and I was tasked with making a new and fresh first person shooter, I wouldn't know where to start. Maybe I'd make a game with anime-styled characters and wacky weapons? I do

There is a serious RANT in this week's episode. From the title can you guess what it is about? You can't.

The Wii U was made for real-time strategy games, but for the most part the genre hasn't seen much life on the console. Fortunately that all starts to change, thanks to Ronimo Games' Swords and Soldiers II, the sequel to their well-received 2009 title. Does it tear through the genre like a drunken warrior at Oktoberfest, or is it more of a sheepish affair?

There are many tabletop games I'd love to see playable in electronic form. The main problem ends up being that many of them are either too complex or take too long to play to be properly replicated on something like an iPhone.

On the surface Black Ice seems like a fresh new take on the first-person shooter realm. Enter a virtual world where you must hack into enemy headquarters, while at the same time thwart off any anti-hacking programs that wish to get into your way.