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Anyone who has listened to this podcast over many years knows Panda is a big fan of horror games. They also know that Ninja doesn't care for them at all.

You'll have to admit it. The title of this week's podcast -- "Touch things — only when you’re invited" is good advice in these days of #MeToo. When in doubt, just keep your hands to yourself.

After last week's podcast, in which Pandalicious took up most of the show talking about the latest Sims game, NinJaSistah returns the favor by taking up the whole show talking about The Division 2. We haven't spent very many entire shows

There are times when the Sistahs want to live their best life. Or, at least, a different one.

If you're expecting a whole podcast with Ninja and Panda talking about the TV show Facts of Life, you're going to be disappointed.

Everybody loves an awards show. Awards shows are among the highest rated events on television today. But what if they gave an awards show and everybody forgot to come?

Cross-play is the answer to every child's dream. Everyone wants to be told that the video game they want to play can be played on the exact device they own.

Is there any such thing as too many video games? This month would make a good case in point.

Way back, seemingly a million years ago, this podcast was born. And on that very first show, Ninja and Panda spent the whole show talking about the original Kingdom Hearts game.

What do you avoid in your life? For Pandalicious, the answer is: Pressure. She can get around just fine without that, thank you.