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In the 11 years that Ninja and Panda have been doing their weekly podcast, they have devoted the entire show to a single subject only twice. The first week, way back in 2006, they talked about the game Kingdom Hearts. And now, this week, they talk about South Park: The Fractured but Whole [Xbox | PC] -- for the entire show.

It's a show about video games and anime, right? You wouldn't think that by listening to the first eight minutes of this week's show.

Everyone needs positive recognition -- that's a fact that the Sistahs suddenly realize about midway through recording this week's show. As a result, it's an appropriate title for the podcast.

For the first time in what seems like forever, Xenocore joins the Sistahs for this week's rollicking podcast.

The weather dramatically changed in Massachusetts recently -- from hot to cold and back hot again, and it's done a number on Ninja and Panda.

We present everything in black and white on this week's show. And we try to accomplish that without getting red all over.

Ninja and Panda were both back home where they belong this week, but they were both chock full of games, travel and movies.

We've been doing this weekly podcast for 11 years, and even with more than 550 episodes recorded, we have to admit that we're not perfect.

It's getting perilously close to the holiday shopping season, and Ninja is already frightened of all that space she has left over in her pocket book. What was once green is now bare.

If there's one thing Panda prides herself on, it's her reputation as a completionist. In most every game she plays, she's the one who can be depended upon to collect every trinket that comes her way. Just don't depend on her doing that very quickly, though.