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You know what's really good? Serial Experiments Lain. Remember the year 1999, when The Matrix blew America's face off with it's philosophy mixed with digital kung-fu? Lain was there, too, but you might not have even heard of her.

Lain doesn't have any kung-fu or gunplay (wait, stay here!) but it does dive deep into the same philosophy regarding the nature of our existence as The Matrix does; I would say that it goes deeper than The Matrix does.

Being without dish/cable TV is hard. You miss out on awesome stuff like A Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who. Luckily, a cable network like Nickelodeon is happy to offer up full episodes of the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel

A few years ago, a young lady who went by the moniker Viga the Otagal did a podcast. Eventually, it podfaded, but I still followed Viga's wherabouts, and now she has her own site, Panelburg.

So here's her review of a book series called The Diarrhea Diaries

For once I think Navi has a point...Oh and before I forget Watch Out!

It's been almost four decades since we had a high-profiled silent movie the world's gone crazy over (Mel Brooks's classic Silent Movie), thanks in part to our film industry being laid brick by brick with a 100% ratio of talking in it. Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist, however, does more without words than just about every film released in 2011.

Greetings fans of the awesome! It's Tuesday and with it comes the new episode of the ESH podcast. It should have been here yesterday but the new master of ceremonies,Pandalicious, forgot. What a great start to 2012 am I right? :) Regardless, this

Another year, another great batch of albums for your listening pleasure. What made my list of the year's best? Read on to find out...

Greetings ESH Landers!

Here is a reminder of just how gangsta the holiday season can be! Fo Sho!

It's been about a month and another one has FINALLY BEEN RELEASED.

A few months ago my house was hit with a massive basement flood, and we lost all of our cassette tapes that contained many holiday classics that have not been shown on television for years. Some we've been able to find on DVD, others not so much. Considering that every year we are bombarded with the same Christmas specials that everyone has seen before, it's a shame that some other fantastic ones are swept under the rug. While we are always happy to see the faces of Rudolph and Charlie Brown appear on the TV there are always quite a few that are only aired once or twice, and then swept under the rug for no apparent reason. Here now are five that deserve to be seen once more by the people.