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Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions

Hey folks, just an FYI here. The new ESH Podcast episode will drop tomorrow and is a "very special" episode of our podcast.

[caption id="attachment_3416" align="alignnone" width="540" caption="DC Universe Online subscription prices"][/caption] SO after taking a look at this price breakdown, would you go for a lifetime membership, or is it too wild to drop $200 all at once for a game you might

Of the hundreds of millions of designs of iPads and other popular mobile devices at this year's CES, the one that seemed most out of place was "Sky and Water I," drawn by Dutch artist M.C. Esher in 1938.

There it was, on the same table at the Lux Mobile booth as designs featuring Marilyn Monroe and a host of other movie stars and modern popular icons.

Then there was the Esher-designed iPad covered with 18,000 Swarovski crystals that had been dipped in 24 karat gold -- a limited edition case that sold for a cool $3,000.

As you can see, it's beautiful. I've got no problem with that. It's just that pairing Esher with the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Elvis and Hello Kitty seems, well, discongruous.

The actual Consumer Electronics Show for 2011 has barely gotten started and already a few things are very apparent.

One of those things is demonstrated in this photo of yet another proposed iPad killer, the Motion Tablet PC. Just read the hype line underneath the name of the product: "Meticulously designed, thoroughly developed and purposefully built for business." Personally, I find that overwordingly overwordy.

Here's some more observations:

We here at the ElectricSistaHood, Boston Bastard Brigade and Geek Aggro would like to wish everyone young and old a safe and happy Halloween!

Everyone's favorite demented bunnies have just been green-lit for their own TV series, and the workings of it already sound like comedy gold!

Everybody wants to make an iPhone killer. Companies are coming out of the woodwork to fashion their own Android-based phone. Hewlett Packard paid a billion dollars to buy Palm for its mobile operating system. Microsoft is betting the farm on its own variety of mobile operating systems.

But no matter how sophisticated the smartphone market gets, no matter how much more market share the Android operating system attains, there's no single phone manufacturer likely to supplant Apple from the gross numbers of devices sold that run its iOS operating system.

And that's all the phone manufacturers care about. Motorola, Nokia, Sony Erickson, Palm, RIM (Blackberry), Samsung -- they all want to be where Apple is. That's why they all keep announcing their own versions of iPhone killers.

All this in-fighting reminds me of Dragonball Z.

South Carolina announced that it will be dedicating a monument in October in honor of one of its state's "heroes," and I have some choice words to say to the Carolinians.

If there is one show on TV nowadays that combines spy action with plenty of nerdy nods, it’s NBCs Chuck.  In anticipation of the 4th season coming later this month, they’ve decided to release the 3rd season on DVD and Blu-ray today.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series, then I heartily recommend not only picking up the amazing 3rd season, but also watching the show’s return in late september.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, then read on and I’ll fill you in on what you’re missing.