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Yay or Nay? Certified Geek tells us what he thinks about his new toy

Originally I had planned this segment to be about motherboards. I got to thinking about what to look for in a motherboard and realized that it all depends on the socket type for the processor.

So here is the processor guide instead. In their infinite wisdom, Intel decided to release several different socket types at the same time. Then there is AMD, who have their own set of processors and sockets just to make it even more fun.

The AMD vs Intel debate has been going on for decades and both have good arguments. Historically, AMD’s offerings ran cooler while Intel’s ran faster. Now they are pretty much on par in the mid range processor arena as far as performance with marginal difference in price. At the high end Intel leaves AMD in the dust. The recent Bulldozer processor group from AMD was intended to be an Intel killer but ended up being a miserable disappointment. While Intel recently announced the I7 3960 X processor based on Sandy Bridge technology which is blowing away all of the competition.

Ever wanted to build your own computer? I'm here to help show you how.

Electronic Entertainment Expos are exhausting. There are way to many people. Not enough places to take a break and sit down. There isn't enough time to take a break to sit down in any case on any day, so that last statement really shouldn't matter. Four hours in you realize you aren't going to make it to all of the appointments you set up nor are you going to be able to see much of anything because you my friend, are a single, solitary, mere mortal.

It's a crushing realization. So, "what keeps you motivated to continually subject yourself to attending events like this?" you might ask. (You are so polite.)Razer Logo Why, all the new gadget announcements (like the one Razer made today) that restoreth my nerd soul and keep me trekking through Central Hall, when I really just want a Dove bar and a back rub.

For once I think Navi has a point...Oh and before I forget Watch Out!

A day late, but not a dollar short... it's a new episode of the ESH Podcast. In this episode we have stuff on games, gadgets AND anime.

Once again, we live up to our own tagline. It's awesomesauce!