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It is finally here.  Right here in my hands.  I have been drooling for the Nintendo 3DS ever since they let me get my hands on it for what seemed like an incredibly short amount of time last June.  Saturday night, I eagerly waited in line for the new system, see my Twitter account for details, and immediately went home to tear into it.  Everything from built-in games to battery life will be covered, so click below to see the skinny on Nintendo’s next console.

Tired of looking at the best stuff to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show? Want a little more fun in your life? Well, here's a sampling of stuff you can't believe anyone even thought of -- a stupendous-sized game controller, how to wear a smartphone on your head and a company that thinks you would pay to play tic-tac-toe.

In this obviously doctored photograph, respected Wall Street Journal writer Walt Mossberg is seen holding a suspicious item. No, it's not a wireless microphone. It's sure not a new iPhone. And why did we go to all the trouble of creating this graphic?

Back in the early years of Saturday Night Live, Steve Martin did a simple skit in which he would peer quizzically into the camera for a few moments, then ask, "What the Hell is that?" He would wait a few moments, waiting for a response, then ask again, "What's that danged thing doing here? How did that get here? What the hell is that?" He then draws Bill Murray into the scene, who joins him in observing this off-screen wonderment. Each makes observations like, "I would not mess with that thing," then returning to the original question, "What the Hell is it?"

I think I might have figured out what they were looking at. It's something from a major manufacturer I found at CES last night. Perhaps it's a hat. Or a speaker. Maybe a giant, opaque bong. You try to figure it out before you hit the link to find the answer.

Why unveil an iPad Killer when you can display four of them at the same time? That's what Jonney Shih, chairman of ASUSTek, did yesterday in a CES press conference at the Aria Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Thus begins the Year of the Keyboardless Computer. Last year, Apple went it alone with the iPad at a time when all the other computer manufacturers insisted that everybody wanted physical keyboards and styluses with their large-scale mobile devices. Now that Apple has sold millions of iPads, everyone's jumping on the bandwagon.

Everybody wants to make an iPhone killer. Companies are coming out of the woodwork to fashion their own Android-based phone. Hewlett Packard paid a billion dollars to buy Palm for its mobile operating system. Microsoft is betting the farm on its own variety of mobile operating systems.

But no matter how sophisticated the smartphone market gets, no matter how much more market share the Android operating system attains, there's no single phone manufacturer likely to supplant Apple from the gross numbers of devices sold that run its iOS operating system.

And that's all the phone manufacturers care about. Motorola, Nokia, Sony Erickson, Palm, RIM (Blackberry), Samsung -- they all want to be where Apple is. That's why they all keep announcing their own versions of iPhone killers.

All this in-fighting reminds me of Dragonball Z.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="430" caption="Yeah, I can fix this. Piece of cake!"][/caption] After taking a "friendly blowtorch" to my PlayStation's motherboard and slapping thermal paste on its processors, I have finally got it breathing again. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="Yellow Light of

Take a look at the following video and wonder at the little innovations that are coming to life.

Reading, it's FUN-da-mental! Reading PR emails whilst riding public transportation home is also mental fun as well... especially when you get an email with pictures of something you aren't supposed to know about just yet.

Technology company Apple Inc. will be holding their annual music event announcement tomorrow (which should be chock full of tech-gadgets we all drool over) and the fine folks at Hard Candy Cases have given us a glimpse at what the day will hold, literally. We Got Pics!

It's not dead, it just in a Supercoma

PlayStation 3 owners, remember when we used to laugh and laugh at our buddies who had the dreaded "Red Ring of Death?" Well, that was all hilarious until word of the Yellow Light of Death arrived.