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    Ebay Etiquette Pt. 2

    posted @ 3/29/2007 08:15:00 PM by Douceswild
    When I last left you guys, I was still waiting for a laptop that I purchased off of EBay to come in. The seller lied about shipping the item and he wasn’t responding to my emails. Well I finally got the situation resolved with a happy ending…for me at least.
    First of all, I want to say thanks for the advice that all of you left on part one of my unfortunate ordeal. I took your advice and filed a grievance with the seller through PayPal. In turn, they setup a forum or message board of sorts where I had to leave a message for the seller and wait for him to respond. So they pretty much want us to try to work things out and come to some sort of agreement before escalating things any further. This next statement goes out to PayPal:


    Needless to say the seller didn’t respond to my numerous messages on the board. So I escalated the situation to PayPal once again. At this point THEY try to contact the other party and get his/her side of the story. (Anyone else see a ridiculous pattern here?) If there is no response after ten days then the claim would be decided in my favor. Ok, now here’s the best part. If the claim was decided in my favor then PayPal would make every effort to get my money back. This really means, “We’ll do what we can, but we ain’t making no promises…sucka.”

    At this point, I was inclined to agree with the anonymous individual who left the post on part one of my articles stating that I should just go to my bank and have the charges reversed then let PayPal deal with the individual, which is exactly what I did. One day later, I had my money back with no problems. Now if PayPal wants to take their time with the claim process, then by all means, have it. I got paid and that’s all I care about.

    Later that day I get an email from PayPal saying there was something wrong with bank account. I check my funds and everything was in order. I got this message from PayPal because THOSE MOFO’S (PayPal) TRIED TO DO A CHARGEBACK ON MY CHARGEBACK! That’s right. They tried to take the money back from me. How ya like that? Instead of trying to take the money from the crook, they tried to stick their hands in the pockets of the victim. Luckily, my bank said “Woe Bitches…that ain’t happening.”

    I’ve left Webguru_1 (I’m putting you on blast, numbnuts.) a negative feedback and took my money to Best Buy and purchased a much better laptop which I am using to bring you Part 2 of this story. I told you there was a happy ending.

    Good lookin' out for ya boy Douce. Much love to the FrESH peeps!

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    Ebay Etiquette Pt. 1

    posted @ 3/22/2007 03:51:00 PM by Douceswild
    I know that buying and selling items online can be risky but I believe there should be some etiquette involved when doing so. Well I’m about to tell you the tale of my latest Ebay experience.

    Last Tuesday (March 13th, 2007) I purchased a laptop on Ebay from a seller with good feedback. He had twenty-two transactions under his belt with one negative feedback that was classified as a misunderstanding. The seller requested immediate payment after choosing the “Buy It Now” option with no exceptions whatsoever. He also stated that the item would be shipped immediately after payment was made. I was willing to abide by his rules so clicked the button.

    Here’s where my problem begins. I hear nothing from the guy after I make the payment. After a week of requesting the tracking number for my item, which was supposed to be shipped by now according to his listed comment, there was no communication from the guy. Well I figured I got screwed so I sent the seller one final email on March 21st 2007 letting him know that I will began preparations to get my money back through Paypal since I haven’t heard from him. Thirty minutes later he emails me saying that the power cord for the laptop was loose so he purchased another and the laptop was shipped earlier that morning by DHL ground which adds another three to six days. He also stated that he would send me the tracking number the following day.

    Problem 1: If there was a problem with the power cord that should have been listed in the auction so I could have made an informed decision on whether or not I wanted to purchase the laptop.

    Problem 2: Even if I still decided to purchase the laptop, an email letting me know the shipping would be delayed would have been nice. Instead I got no communication for over a week.

    Problem 3: The seller is already a week behind in shipping when he promised it would be shipped immediately after payment. When he finally does decide to ship it, he tells me it will be shipped by ground. He could have least sent it next day or express to make up for the time and inconvenience.

    I’ve sold many things through Ebay over the years. One thing I strongly believe in is that when someone sends me their money for an item then I am obligated to keep them informed as to what is going on with the product they paid for. I have their money already while they are still waiting for their product. When I receive the payment, I immediately let the buyer know when I will ship the item. When I have shipped it, I let them know and send the tracking number. At no point in the process do I want the buyer to have to wonder what is going on with the product they paid for.

    If you guys feel I’m wrong or just being paranoid, then let me know. Have you had a similar experience with online buying? I’ll keep you posted as to what’s going on with the seller and the laptop. Keep checking the site for further news.

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    Mr. Jaffe, Can I Put My Pre-Order In Now?

    posted @ 12/02/2006 09:20:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    God of War 3 is a possibility people. I don't want to say "DUH!" but, unless GOW2 relegates the main character Kratos [who gets my vote as baddest bad ass ever, btw] to leader of a knitting circle, the game will do very well. And David Jaffe has said in an interview done by GameTrailers that he's working on ideas for a GOW3 title.

    Now, because I couldn't type it nearly as eloquently as Mr. Jaffe put it, I'm just going to post up the video of his interview. Incase you are out in public, or have lil kids around, this video is NSFW. I mean, most of the objectionable stuff is bleeped out... but it's David Jaffe, you know what he's sayin!

    So here's the interview:

    And Mr. Jaffe, I bleepin' love Kratos!
    I bleepin' love God of War!
    And I will keep bleepin' buying your bleepin' games until you bleepin' stop makin' em!

    Much Love!

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    Holiday Shopping Is Around The Corner

    posted @ 11/16/2006 10:42:00 AM by Ninjasistah
    It's just about that time of year again folks: Turkey Day [a.k.a. Thanksgiving] is next week, which marks "Black Friday" or as most people know it "The Angry Mob That Goes Shopping The Day After Thanksgiving."

    The amount of cool gadgets, gizmos, and games about to hit the market as well as television advertising to guilt you into buying stuff you don't need will overwhelm you. That's why Evermore has been hard at work creating a gift guide based off of previous posts and opinions we have on stuff to help steer you towards getting the right gift for the right person... every single time.

    Our hopes are to help all of you awesome and busy people with a way to avoid being stepped on, waiting in line for hours just to get a gift card, or ending up buying socks for a person because the stores you went to were out of stock on the item you really wanted to get. This year, why not shop from home, over the internet... delicious mug of egg nog in hand? I've been doing it for a few years now, and I have to tell you, it sure beats having to try and find parking at the mall between now and January 10th.

    But if you are going to shop on the internet, how will you know what is a good buy, and what is a bad one? How will you know which video game titles to stay away from? Or what sub $15 DVD is worth purchasing? That's where our gift guide comes in handy. If you have an anime fan, gamer, or general techie type person to buy for, our new gift guide is a great resource for picking out a gift that won't be re-gifted!

    We are proud to announce the launch of the ESH Gift Guide... holiday edition. And as an added bonus for you our treasured visitor, we've added sort options just for you. [*sort feature and bomb guide configuration only available through the wonderful browser that is FireFox. Alternative gift guide option available for IE upon page request.]

    So visit the gift guide, and start your holiday shopping from the calm and relaxed environment that is your home or office... don't be like me and actually have to go out to the "stores" next Friday. :: shudders at the thought ::

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    One Word: Defender

    posted @ 11/15/2006 09:45:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    Now, I'm more of a Missile Command kinda gal myself, but I have to say seeing more and more "classic" game title become available for download does my heart good.

    It hurts my wallet, but does my heart good.

    So needless to say when I got the release about Missile Command hitting the XBLive Arcade the heart of the little kid inside me went pitter and pat. I HATE micropayments only because they make me have to do math. I always have to sit down and try to figure out what a game download is going to cost me... and let me tell you, converting "points" to "dollahs and cents" sucks. I'm always wrong, but I get close enough in the ballpark to know that it doesn't make any damn sense to buy these classic games one at a time as opposed to just buying some "classic arcade game" compiled disc.

    But the damn convenience of it all makes it so hard to resist. It's because I'm not forking over cash out of my pocket but points which in my mind have no monetary value until I do that tiny bit of math, that I think I keep doing it. I've bought more games in the arcade that I've only played once or twice than I really want to admit to... especially since I've had my XB360 for a relatively short period of time.

    I'll talk about that more sometime later. For now, I leave this message for the Defender freaks: time's a wastin'!

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    UT OH! May Be A No!

    posted @ 11/13/2006 07:13:00 PM by Ninjasistah
    Proving that [1] Microsoft's paper is LONG son and [2] never say never, there is a rumor going around that MS may be purchasing the game house that is Capcom.

    You read that correctly. It's not a typo, though I do make those on the odd occasion. According to this post from GoNext and evidently an article in EGM hinting that MS was interested in buying Capcom in order to make them a 1st party developer. And while I have my doubt about this actually coming into being, I can't just brush it off as not possible... they did buy Rare and Bungie, and I sure didn't see either of those coming when they happened.

    And before you go off about a Japanese company never "selling out" to a western one, remember that we are talking business here, not individuals. Capcom has a stockholders that hold them accountable for turning a profit on their investment. If an opportunity to increase profits, passing by it solely based on where the offer comes from geographically will not be accepted. And while I visited the newly re-designed Capcom website, I was unable to find much of anything there. Their support, press, and contact us pages are all "coming soon" as they have been since the relaunch.

    On a personally note, the idea of MS buying Capcom excites me and also scares the hell out of me. I'm excited because I really would like to see more Capcom titles on the XB360 system, but not like this... not like this. I think Onimusha and Okami would benefit from being on the XB360 system, as would God Hand... especially with a new online component. But the idea of DMC4 being an XB360 exclusive does really bad things to my tummy.

    Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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    Daily News: An All-Wii Report

    posted @ 11/06/2006 12:06:00 AM by evermore
    In today's news, we look at All Things Wii, with advice on how to get one on launch day, whether you'll need to bolster your health insurance to play the new controller, some Zelda pics, choice quotes from a Nintendo spokeschick and the lengths that a famous TV star will take to get one.

    Need a Wii? Here's how to get it: If you missed out on the pre-orders, here are some great tips on how to get a Nintendo Wii on launch day.

    Here's Best Buy's launch playbook: Planning on buying a PS3 or Wii from Best Buy? Then you'd better bone up on the company's launch weekend playbook. Kotaku provides all the details. Prefer shopping at Target? Here are their plans.

    All about the Wii Startup Disc: Startup disc? That's right. You'll set up your Wii with an included startup disc. What will it do? The folks at Joystiq aren't sure, but there are certainly plenty of opinions.

    The answer to the most important question of 2006: Will you get tired using the Wii controller? According to this story from someone who pounded hard at the Legend of Zelda for more than 10 hours, the answer is no.

    Spoiling Zelda for you: Can't wait to see just how Zelda is going to look? Here's a site that reveals a bunch of screens from the Wii title.

    Nintendo's questions and obfuscations: Game Informer magazine recently interviewed Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing and corporate affairs for Nintendo of America, about the Wii. According to Kaplan, several celebrities are already queueing up for the console, including Sean Combs and Uma Thurman. When asked about Nintendo's vantage point in the console war between Sony and Microsoft, Kaplan told Game Informer, "I think it could be the tortoise and the hare."

    Will the Wii support custom soundtracks? This screenshot on the Darkzero site certainly suggests it.

    Will Cartman get a Wii? The little South Park sparkplug was so anxious to get a Wii that he had himself frozen in last week's episode, with some unfortunate results. The conclusion can be seen this week, Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern time, and repeating at midnight Wednesday, 10 p.m. Thursday, 12:30 p.m. Saturday and 11 p.m. Sunday. If you missed last week's episode, you can search for it on YouTube or wait for it to show up on iTunes.

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