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Another week starts similar to the last week with a fresh new episode of the ESH podcast, and in this one the girls are kinda all over the place. It's controlled chaos!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

I recall the first time I was introduced to Dr. Dog, as they had opened for the Raconteurs at the Orpheum in Boston. A blend of Wilco and the Beach Boys the Philadelphia quintet produced sounds that -- while had elements of past artists -- was quite unheard of. Soon after this opening gig Dr. Dog's name was slowly reaching out there, with performances on Letterman, Conan and Fallon helping out along the way. Shame, Shame, their sixth album and their first on the ANTI- label, encapsulates what makes Dr. Dog a fantastic band, as well as showcase a few new musical chops.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="430" caption="Yeah, I can fix this. Piece of cake!"][/caption] After taking a "friendly blowtorch" to my PlayStation's motherboard and slapping thermal paste on its processors, I have finally got it breathing again. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="425" caption="Yellow Light of

Take a look at the following video and wonder at the little innovations that are coming to life.

If there is one show on TV nowadays that combines spy action with plenty of nerdy nods, it’s NBCs Chuck.  In anticipation of the 4th season coming later this month, they’ve decided to release the 3rd season on DVD and Blu-ray today.  If you’ve been keeping up with the series, then I heartily recommend not only picking up the amazing 3rd season, but also watching the show’s return in late september.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, then read on and I’ll fill you in on what you’re missing.

It's a lazy new Monday here in the Land of ESH as we release a new episode of our podcast, and this one is musical!

Yakuza will see its import for the US in Spring 2011. So enjoy a teaser for the brawls to come:

After being in development for well over three years SEGA and Platinum Games have finally announced a release date for their video game Vanquish for the PS3 and Xbox 360: October 19. This week a demo was released, showcasing a prequel to what's to come in this upcoming title. I came out of this demo with many high hopes, but not without a couple concerns.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="341" caption="You would Love to play this game"][/caption] Love. the indie, procedural MMORPG, is offering a free weekend of the game, from today until Monday. I know some of you may be having your freedom yanked next week,