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Finally!! At long last we finally see Doctor Strange in action! I'm beyond excited about everything in this trailer. We finally get a look at Tilda Swinton, a closer look at Mads Mikkelsen (who I still think is playing Dormammu),

Do you know what the key to creating a fun shooter is? Making interesting guns. You know, like Ratchet and Clank, filled with its silly and inventive gadgets and gizmos. After you create neat guns, the you, well, have

Who doesn't like sprinkles? Unfortunately, we're not referencing the kind of sprinkles you're thinking of. You'll get the idea once you hear this week's show. The highlight of the podcast this week is the new game Quantum Break, which is

So a new Suicide Squad trailer was released last night and no one really seems all too excited about it. After the first few trailers, and Batman v Superman's release many fans are incredibly skeptical. The mish-mosh of characters, and

Charge up your Dominators, because PSYCHO-PASS is finally coming to American consoles! NIS America today announced that the visual novel PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness will be hitting the PS4 and PlayStation Vita in the western world, with a September 13th release date in the US and the 16th

A new week brings with it a new frESHlook collection. This week, I'm looking at comics, a kickstarter, and more.

Middle chapters in any series run the risk of calming down a little too much and losing focus. The second episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne, entitled Give No Shelter, avoids these problems by ramping the action up even higher

It's been three months since Jesse and his friends defeated the Wither Storm, leading the world of Minecraft: Story Mode back to its peaceful days. It had its ups, and it certainly had its downs, but in the end the

Are you eager for some more giant-slaying, but are getting rather impatient for the next season of Attack on Titan? Don't worry: KOEI TECMO has got your back! After a successful launch in Japan, KOEI TECMO has announced that Omega Force's

I haven't seen Batman V Superman yet. I don't know when I'm going to see it. But I know one thing for certain: You should stop hating on it. I don't have to watch the movie to know what happened in