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Although this girl is pointing to somewhere in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the Sistahs weren't even close to there when recording this week's podcast. Instead, NinjaSistah was in the desert (Las Vegas), covering the Consumer Electronics Show, while Pandalicious

...everywhere you look, including here in the land of ESH. We finish out the year with the end of our holiday buying guide wrap up podcast episode and Loserly from Dead Pixel LiveIn this, the final episode of the

Another Monday, another Yes. We went there. So grab your favorite beverage and new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast, and in this episode the ladies pass a 40 of Haterade© back and forth between them while talking

A new Monday morning brings with it a fresh episode of the ElectricSistaHood podcast, are you not entertained? Well, after catching this episode filled with cutting room floor goodness you will be.In this episode of our weekly podcast, NinJaSistah

Shoppamas is upon is folks, as in-escapable as new podcast episode Monday here in the land of ESH.In this episode of the podcast NinjaSistah and Pandalicious are joined by Xenocore to share with you some of our best of picks

When it's a pirate dressed as an Assassin, or when it's a Monday bringing you a new episode of the ESH podcast.In this episode of our weekly podcast NinJaSistah kicks off the podcast talking about UbiSoft's latest release Assassin's Creed

Or should I say, this fresh episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast is on point and poised to keep you entertained and thinking for the next hour.In this episode of the podcast, the gals share [and spoil] Infinity Wards's

Well, not really Podcastastrophe as much as new podcast episode for the win!In this episode we help kick off the start of November with a podcast full of gaming. Starting off with NinJaSistah's coverage on the new Activision title

Sure, it would be easy to make a double entendre title for this weeks new podcast episode but we take the high road here at Electric Sista Hood.Ok, actually we don't, but it was a fun way to start this