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If you're looking for a free MMORPG that still give you the feeling of playing the top dog at the moment, World of Warcraft, then you've got to give Allods Online a try.

Yay, I got a video capture card! That means these screen caps will look a bit better. Click on the smaller images to get a full view of the thumbnails.

This is a massive week, because there are a couple of big demos available. My first of 3 good demos is Darksiders: Wrath of War.

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It's been a while since I checked up on a Massive multiplayer game that is NOT taking place in a fantasy or sci-fi setting.

News has come down from Sony that a fix for PlayStation Network's version of Y2K will be solved in 24 hours. What does that mean for you, my fellow PS3 Fat owners? Well: a) Tread lightly on what you decide to do

The Mega64 guys crack me up constantly, and while I'm not an avid YouTuber I hope to be when I grow up so I can make videos like this one on Sony's newly release title, Heavy Rain

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Yakuza 3!!! Yakuza, for the U.S., is the little open world beat-em-up that could, with sequels that were in danger of  not coming to our shores. Now there's the Yakuza 3 demo, which puts me in a precarious position, since I haven't beaten Yakuza 2 yet.

There's only one demo that made a big splash on the PSN, and that is Heavy Rain. If you think that adventure games, detective noir, and quick time events are like a thousand ants crawling on your leg, this is not the game for you.

Still,  I would say that even if you are cautious about playing a game that is not constantly full of excitement, you should still take a chance on the demo.

What is it about Dante's Inferno that makes these women talk this way? In this week's video excerpt from Episode 185 of the ElectricSistaHood podcast, NinjaSistah and Pandalicious ponder the seven sins of this new videogame.

We all know that online gamers can be tools. We expect them to be. But what happen when it seems an Xbox Live moderator is abusing his power. Controversy ensues!

On the latest episode of Electric Sista Hood, The Sista(er)s briefly mention how great dogs are as companions in games. If you don't believe them, or you need a refresher course, here are some dogs who are down for the cause.