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Love, the Quel Solaar procedural MMO, is ending its beta sign-up period and it will open up to the public about  month from now.The creator puts a $10 (just about) price tag on monthly access, so if you want to see whether the game is worth buying, your last chance to suing up for the 5 euro version is within 2 days.

You've seen the trailer, now stare at some pictures! The Japanese Tekken movie site has nearly two dozen pictures available, with some of the characters who will be fighting on the big screen. Here are those who have shown up in the trailer and pics so far:

Want a visual guide to this week's latest ElectricSistaHood podcast? We present three minutes and four seconds of the good stuff in our video "184 Seconds With the Sistahs."

PSN Good Demo/Bad Demo for the week of 2/1/2010

It's great that we are in the generation where demos are available on your consoles at the press of a button, because it serves to either hype us up for a soon-to-be released game, or find enough reasons to skip a title. Here are two recent demos that caught my attention.

I am horrible at keeping up with downloadable content [DLC] but thanks to the guys over at RunDLC and the GamesPress newswire a I usually hear about a few good things each week. This week however I got an interesting PR email in that nearly made me spit my coffee out onto my laptop.

YES! The Lego Universe beta is here! What better fodder for an MMO than the most customizable blocks a child could ever have? If you've seen the trailer for Lego Universe, then you don't need to read this because you're already

If you've been keeping up with me on Twitter, then you saw my tweet on how to get the Heavy Rain demo early courtesy of a Kotaku post. Before I get into my thoughts on it, you'll need to know the demo is approximately 1.7gb. The codes were specific to EU/UK region so you need an account from said region. The following impression will contains spoilers, so continue reading at your own risk.

The games of the past didn’t strive for earth shattering graphics or a strong compelling story. Gamers from the past were two things: simple and enjoyable. This isn’t to say that games now aren’t enjoyable, but so much more gets put into a game these days that sometimes it’s hard to find the small pleasures in them.

Mass Effect 2 Asari Character SamaraBrand new Monday, brand new-ish site, brand new episode of the ESH podcast, and this one has the ladies all in a tizzy about Mass Effect 2!

The first full Monday after the CES recovery week brings with it a new episode of the Electric Sista Hood podcast and this one is focused on Platinum Games new title release Bayonetta.