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If you're a long-time listener of the ESH podcasts, you'll find this one has a completely different feel. That's because this episode was recorded absolutely live at the E For All show this past weekend. Ninjasistah appeared live at the

The start of the week brings another new episode of the ESH podcast, and this week we learn that caffeine and sugar do not sit too awful well with the sistahs.This is especially true if you add prescription drugs to

Even though NinjaSistah is suffering from jet lag, Pandalicious is suffering from a stairway fall and MagicMystic is suffering from a mysterious ailment, this episode of the ESH podcast is surprisingly cogent.The Ninja starts it out by talking more about

So, the Penny Arcade Expo is now over and I'm bushed, but it is Monday so I had to hit you guys with a special episode of the ESH podcast created by yours truly. I got to spend a bunch

If the title alone doesn't clue you in that it's new podcast episode Monday, I don't know what will.In this episode of the podcast the girls talk about the anime series "SpeedGrapher," mis-steps and corrections that SCEA can make with

Monday is here again, and so is a new episode of the ESH podcast. The girl team is complete on this one so expect randomness galore this hour and change.The episode kicks off with Pandalicious and MagicMystic discussing how

It's another all-videogame podcast, but, as usual, the Sistahs careen dangerously toward the profane and near-profane.While Ninja proclaims the goodness of the Pure and Braid videogames, Panda admits her love for retro games, particularly those that can be found through

If you ever sit and ponder on the idea of people of a young-ish age drinking, let this new episode of the ESH podcast be the proof you need to "just say nay!"This week, MagicMystic returns and brings with her

Who doesn't like new podcast episode Monday? Productive people that's who. Let us help you start your week off on the unproductive tip with this episode of our podcast.Sans MagicMystic yet again, the sistah's stick to the gaming topic