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New screens show the beauty of the game's hand-drawn art

Fans of the video game Ori and the Blind Forest will now get a boxed retail version to add to their shelves. Called Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, it will be released June 14.

You can wear your favorite team's jersey in console version

The first screenshots for the Tour de France 2016 have been revealed with the announcement of the accompanying game, which will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC in June.

Game on sale for 70 percent off this weekend

Although The Netherlands has never been considered much of a military power, the makers of Wargame features the European country in its new DLC, Wargame Red Dragon.

Like Asteroids, but with more bouncing

Sure, it looks a little like the classic Asteroids, but the makers promise a lot more bouncing in the new video game Hyper Bounce Blast, coming May 27.

A remaster of 1997 classic

Postal Redux, an HD remaster of Running With Scissors’ 1997 twin-stick shooter will launch today for Windows via Steam. In the video game, players face off against crazed, overly aggressive gunmen.

Game to be released to all Steam players June 2

After spending a year in Steam Early Access, the video game Turmoil will be released for PC on Steam on June 2.

Sure, they're stick figures. Don't let that bother you

What with 4K TVs and Retina screen's, you don't expect a grayscale game featuring stick figures, do you? But that's exactly what you get with the video game West of Loathing, now available on Steam Greelight.

The new action occurs on a mysterious Maine island Fallout 4’s Far Harbor will be available for download worldwide on Xbox One, PS4 and for Steam on PC tomorrow, May 19. According to developer Bethesda Studios, "Far Harbor features the

It's funny how a game tends to be one thing when it is in fact another. One look at SUPERHOT, and you'd be forgiven if it looked like a stylized first-person shooter. Instead what is delivered is one of the

Just Deserts mixes a rough-and-tumble military game with a dating sim

There's nothing like a grim, gritty war story that can surely turn one's thoughts to... sex? That seems to be the thought of the makers of a new game called "Just Deserts," which describes itself as a "military-themed action dating sim."