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Game to be released to all Steam players June 2

After spending a year in Steam Early Access, the video game Turmoil will be released for PC on Steam on June 2.

Sure, they're stick figures. Don't let that bother you

What with 4K TVs and Retina screen's, you don't expect a grayscale game featuring stick figures, do you? But that's exactly what you get with the video game West of Loathing, now available on Steam Greelight.

The new action occurs on a mysterious Maine island Fallout 4’s Far Harbor will be available for download worldwide on Xbox One, PS4 and for Steam on PC tomorrow, May 19. According to developer Bethesda Studios, "Far Harbor features the

It's funny how a game tends to be one thing when it is in fact another. One look at SUPERHOT, and you'd be forgiven if it looked like a stylized first-person shooter. Instead what is delivered is one of the

Just Deserts mixes a rough-and-tumble military game with a dating sim

There's nothing like a grim, gritty war story that can surely turn one's thoughts to... sex? That seems to be the thought of the makers of a new game called "Just Deserts," which describes itself as a "military-themed action dating sim."

Game based on the anime series coming in August

The makers of the Attack on Titan video game coming in August provided two new trailers and a number of screenshots, including the ones you see here. With all the extreme closeup shots they sent, we couldn't resist offering them to you.

Stealing Marty's beer was the last straw

The folks at Pine Studio and Headup Games introduce their new video game this way: "Marty had a bad morning. Demons disrupted his late breakfast and ripped off his right arm, but the worst of it: they stole all his beer - the last batch of limited edition Walrus Ale.

New levels and enemies are added

The largest update of the video game RWBY to date has been released today. Maker of the games, Rooster Teeth Games, has added new levels spanning Forever Fall, including all new enemies to fight.

Party Hard started its life out as a quick game jam project, where in a just a day or so Pinokl Games concocted the concept of a man laying waste to a loud party next door. After loads of positive

The illusion of choice is something all of the recent Telltale games have been playing with for quite some time now. Guiding these characters through harrowing events, it often feels as though they've made it through only by your wise