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I Am Deadly

Time for a new podcast episode, and once again, we are nearly all anime in this one. Starting with NinJaSistah's recap and recommendations on the FUNimation release of Corpse Princess (Shikibane Hime)

Two weeks ago, I finally got my hands on Nintendo’s latest handheld the 3DS.  While I had the chance to talk a couple of weeks ago about the hardware itself, I hadn’t had much time to play the games I purchased with the system.  Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver were my games of choice and so far I’ve been very happy with them.  Little did I know however, that I already have far more than two games.  The system comes with a host of free games built right into the hardware and that’s what I’m here to talk about this week.

Be very afraid when you hear the ice cream truck playing on your street. Sweet Tooth is back, and he looks pissed! (Well, more pissed than usual.)

Dragon Age 2: Fenris

Yes, I'm emo. Your point?

Have no fear: a new episode of the ESH podcast is here! (Finally)

One title I only passed by during my time at PAX East this year was Rockstar Games L.A. Noire. Are murder mysteries not my thing? Of course they are. I spent more time in the 80's watching TV shows like Murder She Wrote, Columbo, and Perry Mason than I probably should admit. Did I bear some kind of grudge against Rockstar Games? Hardly. Rockstar publishes a few of my favorite titles, with Grand Theft Auto IV ranking pretty high up on my "favorite games of all times" list. So then, what could my reason be?

The line was always too damn long.

The first trailer for Saints Row: The Third explains in just a few seconds what it's about and what it has to offer. Watch carefully!

It is finally here.  Right here in my hands.  I have been drooling for the Nintendo 3DS ever since they let me get my hands on it for what seemed like an incredibly short amount of time last June.  Saturday night, I eagerly waited in line for the new system, see my Twitter account for details, and immediately went home to tear into it.  Everything from built-in games to battery life will be covered, so click below to see the skinny on Nintendo’s next console.

This is just a reminder to those fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion who have been waiting for a domestic release. The long wait is over! I have seen the first remake/abridged retelling of Evangelion on DVD and I loved it.

It's always cool to hear people outside of anime fandom covering the Japanese artform we all love. Check out this clip to hear anime fans and supporters interviewed at a recent Philly anime convention

Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Shot

Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition

This week's episode starts off with Anime (Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne and Mirage of Blaze) before it turns the corner and heads down video game lane with a bit more Mortal Kombat (2011) coverage in the form of PS3 demo play-through reaction.