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After showing us a stunning gameplay trailer, Saints Row has come back to show us a little more about what The Third is all about. They also give us a November release date. I really hope there's a drunken party minigame.

Big fans o YuYu Hakusho have no doubt gotten the scent of this deal, but to the unconverted and curious amongst you,this might be a good time as any to try it out. It's an old title, but I've heard that

Sometimes you wonder just how much Jaopanese creators know about American culture. This creator, Manga-ka of the ecchi "relationship" series Yomerio Choice, definitely knows who the superhero Spider-man is. This is not a straight-up cameo from Spider-man, though. Since this is

We’re only a few short weeks away from E3 and rumors abound.  Everything from hardware to software announcements are expected at the conference, but one of the most talked about topics is Nintendo’s latest console codenamed Project Café.  There are things about it that seem too good to be true and others that are hopefully not true.  Which are the ones that seem more likely to be factual and which are bogus?  Let’s talk about that today.

Hey guess what? It's Monday. Everyone's accounted for, no one got raptured, and we have a new episode of the ESH podcast ready to go.

E3 2011 starts 3 weeks from today, so my mind has officially drifted to what goodies each of the big 3 companies have in store for all of us.  While it seems like there will be tons of new software this year, there is also quite a bit of new hardware to play with as well.  Not to mention the fact that there will always be some surprises that haven’t managed to have been leaked just yet.  So, I’m going to take some time today to go through some of the things I’m looking forward to getting my hands on when ESH takes E3 by storm.

A new Monday, a new podcast episode and this one rang a bit long-ish. (Surprise!)

Our international nightmare is now over. As children in third world countries wondered where their next meal will come from, gamers from Japan, The US, the UK, etc. were screaming, wondering when they could get back to some pwn action. I

Not much to say except that if you are on the fence about getting this game, watch the trailer and then get your pre-order in!

The Brink debut trailer has shown up, and for me this is my first long look at Brink and its gameplay. This is also my first look at what passes for a story in Brink. I'm not saying the story