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Let me tell you all a story, a story about Freezing.

I apologize for leaving this show off of my anime preview. I only covered shows which were being offered for free, and through legal outlets. To my surprise, Freezing is available through Funimation screening, thereby making it also available on Hulu.

Freezing is a story set in a time where aliens have invaded the planet and it's up to girls given special abilities to stop them. Our main character is Satellizer El Bridget, the "Untouchable Queen" who has been undefeated in combat. She is one of the many girls who attend a school where these female soldiers are trained.

Five years after the release of First Impressions of Earth the Strokes have returned. With two solo albums from Albert Hammond, Jr. and one from Julian Casablancas the band had finally found some time to get together and make another record. As soon as the new album entitled Angles ended -- with ten songs and a total running time of 34 minutes -- I could only utter one question: Was that it?

There is a pattern that has emerged which can predict how I will behave during the launch of a brand new Pokemon game.  First, I will be slightly interested and watch a couple of videos.  Second, I will decide that it’s not different enough from the previous entry and I will swear up and down that I’m not getting it.  Finally, about a week or two after its release, I will go and buy it anyways and still love it.  This has happened for the last three games in this series for me and will likely continue on, but since I’ve gotten the chance to play it, I thought I’d share how I feel about this latest entry into Nintendo’s biggest portable franchise.

One if our more special podcast episodes, this week the ladies talk all anime: Xenosaga, Kore wa Zombie desu ka and Monster to be specific.

I am a major fan of Dragonball, even to this day, and I could not overlook the damned cuteness of this picture! Check out this and other work by piyo119 here

Monday. PAX East 2011 is over, but the new episode of the ESH Podcast is just beginning! This week the sistah's are joined by ESH alum King Bab yDuck (of BostonBastardBrigade.com) and awesome friends of the show Chris “Kropotkin” O’Regan from SuperHappyFunTimeShow (SHFTS.com) and Edie "GamerEdie" Sellers from GameHounds (GameHounds.net), and this gathering was epic...

It's 6:37pm EDT. The last round of the Omegathon has ended. Gamers, friends and family members pour out of the BCEC slowly, but with smiles upon their faces. Paul and Storm have left the building. Pax East 2011 has come to a close.

There comes a time in every person's life where they will be utterly and completely bored.

Greetings all! Your ever-faithful Pandalicious has finally come out of her stupor like a phoenix from the flame to tell you about her observations on the first day of a much anticipated Pax EAST 2011. First and foremost let me

Child of EdenThe first exposure I had to Child of Eden was at developer Ubisoft's press conference last year at E3. The trippy electro-synth-pop music that wafted over me as I sat in the theater instantly reminded me of the PS3 game Flow - one of my all-time favorite games by the way. I found myself thinking, Flow 2 only to be surprised and treated to the introduction of Eden. Fast forward 8 months and I'm at Pax East, where the game is playable.