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Yeah, so, ah, this is Gundam AGE. It's a show, about Gundam. At least it looks that way, at times. The look of this new Gundam is the biggest departure from Gundam's look since G Gundam, maybe? That doesn't even begin to properly describe what is so non-Gundam about this trailer.

Hello post-E3-2011 Monday! The ladies of ESH have a brand new podcast episode waiting for you and this one kicks off our E3 2011 Coverage.

Batman Arkham City's Catwoman


I'm now 48 hours into the madness that is E3 feeling like I haven't seen anything yet, knowing that I've seen a ton, and that I only have 8 hours to go. There is constant, pulsing throbbing in my feet that assures me I've been busy, so here is a quick recap of my day 2 at E3 2011. You'll never guess what it started with.

The very first multiplayer HD home console game that I ever played was Warhawk.  I continued to play it, bought all of the DLC for it and rose to a fairly high rank within the game.  You might imaging then, that when they announced they were going to be releasing a sequel, I was filled to the brim with joy.  On my way to the booth to play Starhawk, all that I asked of it was to still be Warhawk at its core, but have enough of a change to make it not just a spit-shined patch.  I can definitely say that my requests were granted and then some.

Square Enix has never lost sleep over anything concerning their very successful Final Fantasy franchise until Final Fantasy XIII.

Check out some of my photos from the Nintendo Media Briefing on Tuesday. Including Miyamoto-san jumping for joy!

After the craziness of what was the announcement of Nintendo’s new WiiU console, there was only one place I could head after the press event.  As I would have had to use a chainsaw to get anywhere near the WiiU, I decided to head in a familiar-looking loft area where the newest 3DS titles were being showcased.  With limited time, I was only able to get to two and if you are at all interested in high-quality 3D portable software then I suggest you read on.