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So it’s no secret that I’ve been incredibly skeptical of the Batman v Superman movie for awhile now. The casting, the mish-mosh of characters, and the twisting of story-arcs led me down a very narrow tunnel where I couldn’t see any light at the end. Nothing about it had me excited, and just last week I was saying that it wouldn’t meet ANY expectations. I was having nightmares of Spiderman 3 all over again.

I. Was. Wrong.

I was so wrong. This movie is amazing. The extra characters aren’t too much, and the villains are the perfect amount of evil this movie needed. Sure, like any movie it had it’s flaws but as a whole I’m incredibly willing to look them over. Zac Snyder has done you proud, people. We might be able to trust him even more now.

I do have to warn you though… beyond this point there are going to be SO many spoilers.



Jim Lee should've written his own anatomy book...

Ben Affleck was a WONDERFUL older Batman. He really portrayed the older, grittier Bruce Wayne that Christian Bale didn’t. He was also physically bigger, which really nodded to the Jim Lee style of Batman and Superman so many fans love. It was a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, but I was personally a fan (yes the shirtless battle-prep montage helped). There were so many subtle things that Ben Affleck brought. The silent stalk, the glances, the one-liners! When he actually BECOMES Batman, it’s also good. It might not be as good as his Bruce Wayne though. There were a few flaws here (seriously - spoiler alert, though):

Batman isn’t supposed to kill people. I’m pretty sure a LOT of people suffered horribly at Batman’s hand in this movie. Which is weird to see. Granted, that scene we’ve all seen in the trailer when he comes up through the floor? Awesome. It was very Batman: Arkham City. It was one of my favorite Batman scenes.

That being said, I have officially seen one of the most ridiculous car chases ever. EVER. I don't think even the Batmobile could go through an oil tanker, but lo and behold was I wrong. Seriously? That was just unnecessary and obscenely over the top. That, and about the first 20-30 minutes of the movie could've probably been done away with. Those are my only big complaints, though oddly enough. 

Even Gal Gadot was amazing. Being a hardcore Lynda Carter fan, Gadot was not on my list of ideal actresses to play one of my favorites.

This was so much cooler to see on screen than the trailer led on...

This was so much cooler to see on screen than the trailer led on...

She made it even better. She was a great Wonder Woman. It doesn't matter that people thought she didn't have the physique. She was just as bad ass as we could've hoped. I'm looking forward to seeing the Wonder Woman movie now that I've gotten a taste of what to expect. Not to mention the OTHER characters we see!

I won't give away everything. I'm not completely heartless but I'm highly recommending this movie to anyone that likes the comics. Yes, some of you might read this and get very mad at me thinking I mislead you. For that I apologize, but we're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one because this is DC's best one yet. This went in a completely different direction than what I thought it would have. Please go see it for yourselves. It'll be worth it, if for nothing more than the canon it'll create on the internet later. 

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