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"This won't work on VR," said tinyBuild Games' CEO Alex Nichiporchik. That was his response when I made the comment that their game ClusterTruck would look great on the Oculus. Seeing players jump from truck-to-truck at a fast pace, in the

I died a lot playing [adult swim games] and FOREGONE's DESYNC, and I mean a shit ton! It's not often I come across a first-person single-player experience that has me wanting to bang my face onto the keyboard with maddening

A couple years ago the folks over at Zoink! Games brought forth Stick It to the Man, a side-scrolling adventure with an amazing personality and a calcium-filled funny bone. Continuing on with this repertoire the Sweden-based developers decided to take

Battle enemies and explore the tombs of ancient Egypt

Pharaonic, a side-scrolling, action RPG set in ancient Egypt, has been release for the Macintosh, Linux and PC on Steam today.

Football seasons's over, but it's still going on Although pro football season has been over for nearly two months, the 2016 NFL season lives on at EA Sports with the Madden NFL 16 Championship. Players will test their skills in the

Over the weekend a spoiler came across the internet regarding some casting information for the upcoming sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. In a not-so-subtle attempt at hinting toward the reveal, fans soon caught on and the reactions were ones of pure

Retitled Brick Breakers, the cult favorite returns Everything old is new again, even if that thing is the venerable game Breakout. The classic game, which originally showed up in arcades for Atari in the 1970s, now is being called Brick Brealers

Players don't get to hide out in their outposts any more The Citadel expansion has arrived on EVE Online, opening the possibilities for players of the popular video game. Of the expansion, the makers of the game say, "The inventive pilots

Releases soon on PS4 and Xbox One Life in the slow lane becomes a wacky, fast-paced road race in Coffin Dodgers, which has just announced it will be released for the PS4 on May 3, followed by Xbox One on

The game's made for accountants more than able-bodied seamen

At a pivotal point in the Titanic movie, the character Jack Dawson stands at the front of the ship and proclaims, "I'm the King of the World!" That's how you'll feel when you stand at the helm of an ocean-going vessel in the video game TransOcean 2: Rivals.