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It's an idea that's at least 50 years in the making. When the original TV version of Batman was introduced in 1966, DC Comics should have put out its own title to take advantage of a campy, over-the-top version of

Starting today, ElectricSistaHood is bringing you the first look at the newest video games, anime and comic books. Every Sunday, we'll compile news (and pics) of some of the newest stuff out there and give you a frESHlook at it – and I'll let you know what I think of them too.

It's the 75th anniversary for the comics character Archie Andrews and, as far as I'm concerned, it's been almost that long since the character has been funny. Apparently, the strip was funny back before I was alive -- and

The newest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer was recently released. It's taken me that long to compose myself to the point of writing more than just incomprehensible squees. From the final look of Apocalypse to that last shot of Professor X, I'm

Comic books used to be as controversial as video games are today. If something was wrong with society in the early 1950s, comic books were to blame. There were generally two types of comic books to receive the blame:

Before continuing with this, I want to give the customary warning: If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please don't continue reading this story. You either haven't seen it because you can't see it (people in China, for

After I turned into an adult, I never could read the Dennis the Menace comics without thinking about the real Dennis. Yes, there was a real Dennis. You don't hear much about him these days, but whenever the subject

I fully understand kids who were born in 1965. Those kids, who just turned 50 this year, were fortunate enough to turn 12 when Star Wars came out in 1977. It's those 65'ers for whom Star Wars meant the most. Me?

It's a big week for a lot of people. The new Star Wars film is out and, as with the last five of them, there's a whole lot of hype going on. As I've done for the past 35 years

In the long view of things, super heroes are supposed to exist in our own world.